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Edengrad Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Available Commands:
Written by Sewerynque

/help – Help
/w [firstname] [lastname] [content] – Wihisper
/unstuck – Unstuck
/players – Online gamers
/party [invite/uninvite/leave] – Party
/duel invite [firstname] [lastname] – PvP

/citypropelist – Listo of plots
/cityprope – Information about the plot you are currently standing at
/citypropebuy – You buy a plot on which you stand
/cityproperemove – Delete the plot you are standing on (City owner)
/citypropeprice – Determining the price of a plot if 0 is not for sale
/city – Information about the city you are in

/reset – Removes the character
/resetSkills – Resets skill points and characters points
(Does not reset the player level)

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