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Elf Bowling 7 1/7 – The Last Insult Cheats

Elf Bowling 7 1/7 – The Last Insult

Bonus Tricks:
There are several bonuses you can earn. Each has its own advantage in either
getting a strike or combating a dirty trick.

Rocket – This gives you a “guaranteed strike” but only if you aim it directly
at the elves! When the rocket is armed, the aiming device will swing back and
forth across the elves. Click the mouse when it aims anywhere on the elves.
If you wait a few seconds the aiming device seems to slow down. Just don’t
miss… you’ll feel really stupid if you throw away a “guaranteed strike” by

Grow Ray – Depending on which one you get, the grow feature can grow the size
of your ball, the size of the gutters (thus eliminating them or returning them
to normal size) or the size of the elves (making them easier to hit or returning
them to normal size.)

Boxing gloves – Two boxing gloves on springs attach to either side of the ball
giving you a chance to sweep all the elves into the abyss.

Extra speed – this paces a patch on the lane that gives your ball a burst of
flaming speed that leaves burn marks on the lane and knocks those elves into
the stratosphere!

3x Bonus – This opens a slot machine that can give you a random combination of
three bonuses and/or three dirty tricks. It can also give you absolutely nothing.

Basketball – Turns your bowling ball into a basket ball, which allows you to
rebound off the elves and knock as many down as you can by slightly moving
the mouse to the left or right. This will guarantee a strike as long as you
can keep it in play. NOTE: The basketball is also impervious to the electric

Rock Ball – The rock ball does not skid on oil slicks and explodes on impact.

Dirty Tricks:
In regular game mode, the elves will play random dirty tricks on you while they
taunt you mercilessly.

Flags – The elves will line up in three rows behind three flags. This makes
it harder to get a strike.
Oil Slicks – Three oil slicks on the lane to try and get you to careen into the
Sand paper – Three squares of sandpaper on the lane will ground your ball down to
a smaller size each time you hit one.
Barricades – Two angled barricades will make it hard to hit the elves.
Magnet – a giant magnet will push or pull your ball into the gutter if you’re
not careful.
NOTE: Watch to see which way the magnetic waves are moving to see if
it will push or pull you and adjust accordingly.
Shrink Ray – The elves shrink themselves so they are harder to hit. They can also
shrink your ball too!
Grow Ray – The elves use the grow ray to enlarge the size of the gutters leaving
you with a narrow strip to bowl down.
Shields – The elves will stand behind large metal shields which make them harder
to knock down.
Pogo Stick – This causes the elves to jump over your ball making them harder to hit.

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