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Submitted by: David K.

Comprehensive Metamorphy Guide:
Written by SynSable

Looking to pick up Metamorphy? This is a detailed guide that overviews
her skill set, equipment options, and tips/tricks to help you maximize
your potential as Elsword’s resident magical girl.

Metamorphy (MtM for short) is the 3rd job class for Aisha’s 3rd job path.
Compared to the previous job class, which focused on a more idol theme, Metamorphy
delves more into the magical girl persona, giving her skills more pink, hearts, pink,
glitter, and did we mention PINK?! In this guide, I will be covering the basics of
Aisha, the path to MtM, and endgame strategies and gear loadouts.

* High Attack %
* Great Bosser
* Pink

* Somewhat squishy
* High MP Cost
* Not enough pink

-=Quick Notes=-
* MtM does require some level of understanding of her passives and play style to
truly capitalize on her power.
* MP management is highly important on MtM, as having full MP grants you 20% physical
attack power.
* Try and stay in Awakening, Energetic Body, and Magical Makeup as much as possible.
This grants you 50% CDR, 50% MP gain, as well as ASD while in MM.

-=Basics [Aisha]=-
As with every character in Elsword, Aisha has a unique feature to her that is used
by all 3 paths. This utility is Memorize. After standing idle for a couple seconds,
certain skills will have a purple glowing border around them. By clicking the skil
while the border is around it, she will memorize that skill and can use it later.
She can memorize up to 3 skills at a time. Please note, however, that the cost of
the skill is paid upon memorizing, so make sure you have enough MP.

When it comes to equipment, we are going to be breaking it down into 2 different
tiers: Elrianode and Rigomor. This breakdown is meant to give players a more broader
aspect on what to build as they work their way towards rigomor gear.

The ideal set for Elrianode gear will be a full red set.

Due to the variety of Rigomor gear, it’s hard to settle on one specific set. As a
result, I am posting 3 different sets, along with reasoning as to why the sets are

Ask anyone what set is the most viable for PvE, and 9 times out of the 10, they will
say Crimson. Don’t get me wrong, damage is damage. However, Cerulean is a really good
set that has a lot of potential, especially in the long run.

The way Cerulean works is that it gives you 10% MPR, as well as a 20% chance whenever
you use a skill to reset the cooldown on it.

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