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Enclave Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Joseph porta

In the map mode press [ENTER] tipe the cheat then pres [ENTER] again

Code Result
fuciormam – god
fffwater – gives fire sord to all careacters(except the archers)
dbdarck – gives Sord of Mordesa to all caracters (except the archers)
theconfesion – gives READEAMER crossbow to all caracters

Submitted by: conner54

To enable cheat mode, you’ll have to change an existing game file.
Find & Edit “environment.cfg” and enter this line: “CON_ENABLE=1” (without quotes)
Once this is done, start the game. Press ~ to bring up the console, then enter

one of the codes below to trigger its function:
Cheat menu: cg_menu cheatmenu (Once you activate, use the ~ key to see a menu that
allows for god mode and more)

cmd giveall – will give you all
cmd noclip – you can walk trough walls
cg_menu “cheatmenu” – “god mode” , “complete mission”

See “Config.mpp”

Submitted by: IceCube/leu_radu92

If you find a pool, you can easily kill any kind of foe. All you have to do is to
be face to face with him, you on a side of the pool, he on the oposite side. You
have to wait a bit and he would usualy fall in the pool and drown.

Unlock the evil campaign without finishing the light campaign:
Create a new profile and enter IMEVIL as the profile name.

Cheat Mode (Alternate):
The following involves editing a game file so it advised that you create a backup
file before proceeding. Find the ‘environment.cfg’ file in the game folder and
add the following line to the file using a text editor.


If you now view the ‘config.mpp’ and look under the ‘Keyboard & mouse’ line you
will see a list of cheats that can be activated by using key combinations during
game play.

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