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Endless Zombie Rampage 2 Cheats

Endless Zombie Rampage 2

Raido ative zombies:
Submitted by: cod 4 monsterman

When your playing and you get to raido active zombies stay near green opening
our zombies will never come and you will never finish mision.

Easy experience:
Go a few levels with the pistol and upgrade to the assault rifle when you have
enough experience. Save it until you get enough to buy the Overkill power-up
and the laser rifle. One level with these two weapons will result in a large
amount of easy experience.

Magnum ownage:
Submitted by: roonman2.0
Email: sroons2@gmail.com

Heres a hint, get enough exp to buy the magnum (stay on the first level) and go
kill all of the zombies on that level. dont advance through the levels too fast.
Take it really slowly (EXTREMELY SLOWLY) and kill all of the zombies. Eventually
youll have enough exp to buy everything.

Unlimited bullets:
Submitted by: James

When you have the light machinegun and the bullet hose perk just keep on firing
and the game makes it go to the negative and doesn’t stop unless you reload it.

Easy Exp:
Submitted by: Xxi-eat-chu-rawrxX

When you start the game, kill 20 zombies to gain 200 exp. Buy the magnum. Keep
killing zombies until you reach 2000 Exp. and buy Turrent Gun. Place it next to
your “unlimited” turrent guns, and choose the kill some zombies mission, and
every kill the turrent gun does adds to your Exp!
NOTE: Get the magnum and turrent gun in THE FIRST ROUND,and go from there.

Infinite Gurret Gun:
Submitted by: Alexander117

First you need to buy the Turret Gun at the “Buy Zone”
then deploy in a zone of the map it doesn’t matters.

When the turret is destroyed it reloads automatically but i takes too long
ok first change the weapon to the previous weapon of the turret gun
the shoot a bullet and click reload “R” before the weapon finiches to reload
click next weapon with “E” and the reloading time of the turret gun is full
bot en the reloading screen apears 0 just wait 5 seconds and the ammo will apear i “1”
and the turret gun its ready to be deployed

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