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Endless Zombie Rampage Cheats

Endless Zombie Rampage

Submitted by: David K.

Move with the arrow keys or WASD, aim and shoot with the mouse. Scroll
weapons with the mouse wheel or E and Q, reload with R. Endless Zombie
Rampage has 30 enemies and 22 different weapons!

Submitted by: Mark stone

You can beat this game in about twenty mins, using the right 5 weapons in
the right order! It’s easy! Just know when to upgrade your weapon, (no need
to shift back and forth from one to another) know when to repair and heal.

Tons of Exp:
Submitted by: Mike
Email: michael_burkhart2@hotmail.com

Pretty easy trick, go a few levels with the pistol and upgrade to the assault
rifle when you have enough exp. Then save it until you get enough to buy the
overkill powerup and the laser rifle. 1 level with these two and you’ll have
80k experience easily.

Easy completion:
Submitted by: Christian D.

When you begin, the USP is your weapon. For at least 3 waves, you don’t need
to fix that at all. In stead, save up the 350 XP required to buy the G36
Assault Rifle. From there, you have two options. Both have the same end result.
The first is to buy Marathon Man, which allows you to keep pace with even the
fastest undead, then to buy the CZ 97 b, pistol. The other option is to reverse
this process. First the CZ 97 b, then the Marathon Man. Many people question
the reasoning behind Marathon Man. The reason it is such an important upgrade
is that it allows you to quickly chase down zombies that sneak past you.
From there save up for the Famas Assault Rifle, Overkill and Hollow Points
in that order. Finally, save 4000 XP to acquire the Desert Eagle Magnum. This
devastating handgun will kill any zombie in one shot, no matter how powerful
they are. When combined with Overkill and Hollow Points, it gains you 110 XP
every hit. It’s reload of 1 second matches that of the Laser Cannon, and while
it can only kill 1 zombie at a time, the 30 (upgradable to 39) round magazine
much covers this difference. Another thing, Notice that you can skip upgrades.
(ex. The .357, the Taurus .454 and the Desert Eagle are all Magnums. But, you
can skip the extra 1120 XP by ignoring the Magnums until you are ready to buy
the Desert Eagle)

Similar doctrine holds true for Survival Mode. The best combo is:

The Desert Eagle: 4000 XP
Marathon Man: 500 XP
Extended Magazines: 1500 XP
Speed Loader: 1500 XP
200 Base HP: 1600 XP
40 Personal HP: 400 XP

P.S. Hollow Points is a wasted upgrade since no zombie has more than 100 HP.

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