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Enigma – Rising Tide Cheats

Enigma – Rising Tide

Depth Charge Dodge:
Submitted by: conner54

When facing a Destroyer or Fast attack craft, there’s something useful
that can help you keep from being depth charged. It’s a two part little
trick, and yeah, it doesn’t always work but most of the time it will.
It may buy you the time you need to get away. Here’s what you do.

When facing a destroyer, corvette, or fast attack craft, stay around
10 m with your periscope up. You want them to see you. The destroyers
will turn to you, heading at you. Next, you fire two torpedos, one on
each side of the attacking destroyer. This will cause it to evade, and
usually it’ll stop dropping depth charges. If it doesn’t evade, the
Destroyer will eat the torpedo and you get one more kill. If the destroyer
evades, quickly crash dive to 150 m to avoid the destroyer should it
double back on you. This will buy you the time to hide below it’s sonar range.

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