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Enlisted Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Invest in a SMG (Submachine Gun):
The easiest way in which to get weapons in Enlisted is to retrieve them
off the dead soldiers you come across during the campaign. To get your
hands on a particular weapon you will need to earn a currency called
‘Orders’ which you earn from completing tasks or getting achievements
as you play through the game. There are three types of Orders, these are
Bronze, Silver, and Gold and the requirement will depend on the weapon
you want to buy under the Logistics tab.

The ‘Equipment Delivery’ section will have items you can buy while
‘Weapons Delivery’ will present you with all the weapons you can
purchase. Not all the equipment and weapons will immediately be available,
to unlock these items you must reach a specific campaign level. It is
recommended that you invest in an SMG as your primary weapon as soon as
possible as one clip can wipe out an entire squad. Be careful when buying
an item or weapon as one click will immediately purchase it.

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