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Enter The Backrooms Cheats

Enter The Backrooms

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat Levels 0-3:
Written by AkotoLmao

This guide is for starters like myself. And I would like to make
this guide for people who are just starting off the game. I would
be thankful to have this guide when I have just started the game.

-=Starting Off, the Basics=-
So, you’re beginning to play The Backrooms. As a The Backrooms fan
myself, I pretty much love the game. And I recommend it. Anyways,
less talking and more instructions.

Move controls: W A S D (The regular ones)
Crouch: Ctrl (I think it could be control specific so it’s Left-Ctrl)
Run: (Left) Shift
Meditate: Space-bar
Check detailed info: H
Pause: Esc
Interact: E
Flashlight toggle: F
Healing/Almond Water: 1
Sanity/Book: 2
Stamina/Sugar: 3
Battery: 4
Special item: 5

You can always change up the controls in settings.

I would recommend setting the rendering distance at 8-15 depending on
your RAM. But you can set it to lower than 8 if you want some more
horror experience.

Meditate every 30 seconds in levels 0-2. Meditation helps to keep your
Sanity up. When sanity lowers down, there will be more likely that more
enemies will spawn around you. So keep an extra eye on the Sanity bar.

Checking detailed info (Pressing H) is very useful. You can see your
health, sanity, and stamina without having to meditate or heal to check.
But it’s suggested to turn it off if you want more of a realistic

When you’re running from an enemy, have sugar ready. Since the stamina
bar decreases, you have to stay still for it to recharge.
Always keep 3 sugars in your inventory.

There will be also notes scattered around the levels. To trace the
notes, crouch down and interact (Left Ctrl and E). Notes are more of a
collective part of the game and don’t interact with the gameplay at all.

Also note, never. And I mean NEVER stand on a trap door that says !->FUN<-1 with a lot of smiles. Since if you do, you will just torture yourself and die. You know that you're near a door when you see a blue particle flying around. The particle will show where the nearby door is. Follow it. And there you'll find your door. If you see a chair, use it. Chairs act as a save file for the game. And note that the game doesn't auto-save itself. It only saves when you have traveled to an another level or have sat on a chair. So keep that in mind when you're going to exit the game. -=Level 0=- This level is the starter level, and it is perfect for grinding loot for a good head start. Start opening boxes and everything related. Only go to the next level once you have 2 almond waters, 3 sugars, 1 book, 4 batteries, (optional) and a special item which is a lantern. Level 0 is known for the least entity count and is a good room to start off with. If you start seeing eyes on walls. Then it's a sign that you should start to meditate pretty quickly. Never go up to any entity, even if it seems innocent. The only entity that you can come close to is the entity that looks like a buff concrete man with hair. Those are basically like Minecraft villagers, they can't hurt you but they can trade with you. There are also artifacts on every level. In this level, each artifact gives a 20% boost to your maximum stamina. So it's good to collect 2-4 of these artifacts before going to the next level. Since running is essential in this game. -=Level 1=- Alright. So here it starts to get a bit more difficult. And you'll encounter a new creature which is called the Smiler. You'll know what entity it is once you start getting weird smiley faces floating on your screen. The only way to defeat the entity is to start to meditate, not move, and it will go away by itself. If you move around and heal your sanity with books, it will only get worse. At this level, it's important to have batteries since there are now more creatures which are called Dullers. Dullers make the room get darker when they are closer to you. Two hits from the Dullers will kill you. The first way to avoid them is to point the flashlight at them and walk away as far as possible, then run away and eat 1 sugar cube of stamina when your stamina ends. And run until your stamina ends. The second way of making them go away is to let them damage you, then drink some almond water. The artifacts on this level increase the maximum battery level on your flashlight. Each artifact gives you a 20% boost on that. It is recommended that you have 2-3 of those artifacts before going to the next level. Before going to the next level, prepare a lot of sugar cubes and almond water. Since the next level is harder than Level 1. -=Level 2=- Level 2 can make you feel claustrophobic, but don't worry, this level is just the beginning of medium hardness. Here you want to collect as much more resources for your next level. Since Level 3 is hell for a beginner. In Level 3 Dullers spawn much more frequently. Level 2 is similar to Level 1 but it just requires faster reactions than before. Each artifact on Level 2 decreases the spawn rate of enemies by 5%. And that is very good since on Level 3 there's a lot of enemy spawning. It is recommended to take 4-6 of these artifacts before going to Level 3. -=Level 3=- Now you're in the beginner's hell, or at least that's what I call it. Dullers are like flies, they come even more frequently than before. It is recommended to meditate every 20-30 seconds. Since the spawning rate of Dullers is increased the lower sanity you have. You might see elevators that look like doors, but they are not. Each interaction with the fake elevator will cause 50 damage to your character. It is significant damage since the spawning rate of Dullers. There's also will be random moths that will attack you. And there's no way to avoid them. So be prepared to heal yourself once you get attacked. In this level, it is very important to have sugar cubes and almond water, since they give you a significant advantage against enemies. The artifacts on Level 3 increase your maximum health. Each artifact gives a 20% bonus to your max health. It is recommended to take 3-5 of these artifacts before going to the next level. Since health is valuable in Level 4. -=How to Beat Level 8=- Written by melbiza To beat level 8 you have to walk 100 units. Now a unit is a form of speed the faster you go the more units you get. To look at you're units press G. This will show you're stats. The units are in the bottom left corner of the screen. In level 8 just chose a way and stay on it. If you find the open spaces go in them they are useful. But the webbed rooms are bad they slow you down. Use rifts to save you're progress. Because there is a event that makes you turn the other way and gets rid of all you're items! Note: Beware of dullers!

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