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Enter The Matrix Cheats

Enter The Matrix

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dragos

Submitted by: conner54
Update by: BXR na wp

last Update by: Jahanzaib Javaid
Email : devilsmay_cry@hotmail.com

Hacking Codes:
Enter the following codes in the cheat section of the hacking utility in game.
when you entered in the hacking section of the game type “dir a:tools” without
qoutes and hit enter after this type cheats and hit enter a message will appear
how to use cheats.enter the following codes with cheats word. For example the
cheat for infinite health is 7F4DF451 you must enter it correct sequence first
you type cheat and then you type the code 7F4DF451
Example: CHEAT [code]

cheat 7F4DF451 (Space is reqiured between cheat and code)

Various Cheats:
Update by: Dragos
Submitted by: Digitwizard

These cheat should work with any version of the game.
Enter the hacking system in the game. Unlock the command allowing “cheats.”

Enter the following codes:
IMPORTANT: to open cheats type: CHEAT.EXE
before every cheat number, enter CHEAT

Effect Code
Infinite health – Enter “7F4DF451” as a code.
Infinite focus – Enter “69E5D9E4” as a code.
Maximum firepower – Enter “0034AFFF” as a code.
Infinite ammunition – Enter “1DDF2556” as a code.
Fast focus restore – Enter “FFF0020A” as a code.
Bonus test level – Enter “13D2C77F” as a code.
Sparks’ Construct in training mode – Enter “13D2C77F” or “1302C77F” as a code.
Enemies cannot hear you – Enter “4516DF45” as a code.
Enemies cannot see you – Enter “FFFFFFF1” as a code.
Taxi Driving – Enter “312MF451” as a code.
Multi-player fighting – Enter “D5C55D1E” as a code.
Faster logos – Enter “7867F443” as a code.

System tools /b

When you enter hacking system tools /b you will be asked to enter a 5 digit code
the code is: 10110 this will unlock droping weapons within the matrix, and other
helpful things!!

These codes below have been reported to not work:

The One

To get Neo

To get Trinity

To get Morpheous

Various Phone Numbers

Hacking engine tools:
In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there
are a number of directories and tools that can be useful (such as
spawning a weapon within The Matrix.).

Command Effect
DIR List files and folders
CLS Clear the screen of text
HELP Extended help for a command
TRACEKILL Kills traces
READ Read *.txt files
VIEW View *.img files
PLAY Play *.fmv files
DROP JXTRR10 Weapon drop at Drainage Canal
DROP PNSRZ10 Weapon drop at North Concourse
DROP RKHMS10 Weapon drop at Airport Tunneld
DROP JDZMT10 Weapon drop at 2nd Floor West (Chateau)
DROP ZKHBD10 Weapon drop at Courtyard (Chateau)
DROP RHFTQ10 Weapon drop at Skyscraper
DROP ZSZQH10 Weapon drop at Warehouse (Chinatown)
DROP JDHQL10 Weapon drop at Transformer Field (power plant)
DROP B1AXXF2 Weapon drop at 2nd Floor PO Boxes

Morpheus message:
In the Hacking engine, instead of using “GUEST”, you can LOGIN as
FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS to hear a message from Morpheus.

Extra training level:
Submitted by: Prakash.Harpalani

In the game go in hacking option and there type “cheat 13d2c77f”
You’ll have an extra training level to play.

Submitted by: frank

All Weapons:

unlimited ammo:


Play As Neo:
Submitted by: sachitha

With this trick you will be able to play with Neo skin.

In “Actors” rename the Ghost_Costume(XX).dcx files to .bak after that copy
Neo.dcx to Ghost_Costume(XX).dcx (eg. Neo.dcx -> Ghost_Costume01.dcx and so on)
This trick also works for any other character in the game

Submitted by: Hung Tran Doan

You can use sword as a weapon in the game( only when you throw or take weapons
from the cops). To get the sword:
First, you have to do this on a completed save file. Go to hacking in the main
menu, choose the finished file, type login, then press enter. Type in Guest.
You will now be able to access drive b. Type in Dir B:tools.
Then type Virtual.exe. Type in this password:Frozenfish. Now, you’ve gained
access to drive V. Type DIR V:TOOLS. Then type Rootsearch.exe. Wait.
When it’s finished, type DIR V:ROOT. Type mail.exe. The password is
Thisisnotreal. Then type Dial the last number. Then type portkey 942.
When meet Trinity, type the answer to both question no. Then type crack
8ram. You’ve gained access to your ram drive. Access it by type in dir
ram:trinity. There will be a program called training. Type in training
ram:progsword.dsk. Wait. There we go. You’ve got it.
Notice that you have to active the sword.dsk every time you turn the game on.
Any question, please send to trandoanhung1991@yahoo.com Happy cheating!

Easier VIEW and PLAY commands:
Type in the command (VIEW or PLAY) and press [Space]. Then [CTRL] and use the cursor
keys to the parameters list on the “on-screen” keyboard at the bottom of the hacking
page. Highlight the file you wish to play or view and press [CTRL] again. For some
reason, entering the parameter on the keyboard (the normal one, not on-screen) does
not do anything. It either says “Playing FMV…. done” or displays double blank lines
for “VIEW”. Obviously, the content must be found and unlocked first. Use DIR on all
the directories under “B:” and “LOGOS:”.

Agent On Board level: Defeating Agent:
When in the tower, and the Agent is shooting at you, quickly run down the left pillar
and stand behind it. The helicopter should be at your back. Use your peek and shoot
move to your left side. If you use a fast enough gun, you can kill the Agent in about
three seconds. If you fail to kill him the first time, keep in mind he moves in this
order: left, right, back.
Stay behind the pillar and the your peek and shoot and you will not be hit.

Dodge moves in midair:
As Ghost or Niobe, you can use Focus after doing a normal jump. For example, run
forward, press the button assigned to jump, and press Focus immediately afterwards.
You will basically do a Focus Jump, just without the Focus Jump animation.
At almost any time during the jump, press Action. If timed correctly, your
character will do a dodge move in midair. While this does not serve any real bonus
to anything, it still looks good. However, it can help when you are on the run and
need to gain extra jump and evasion distance.

Answer The Phone level: Trip Agent:
Press [Focus], then [Down] + [Kick] to trip the Agent. Immediately when he gets up,
press [Kick] and he will fall off the edge and stay out of your way for awhile.

Answer The Phone level: Weak Agent:
It is possible to beat the Agent who comes through the ceiling to death. Enable the
“Unlimited health” and “Unlimited Focus” codes and it should work. Note: This takes
a very long time.

Running on walls:
Press [Focus] while you are close to a wall. If done correctly, this should make your
character run against the wall, then eventually do a cartwheel off it.

Jump off walls:
To jump off a wall, put your guns away, enter Focus and jump toward the wall. When you
are about to hit the wall, press [Jump] and you will flip off the wall in the air. If
you want to do a bullet jump (the jump that you do in a battle with guns), draw your
guns before you get to the wall and press [Jump] at it.
Then, shoot away. You cannot shoot while flipping though.

Jump longer:
Press [Up] + [Jump] without focus, then immediately activate focus. You will jump
consistently longer.

Alternate ending sequence:
As Ghost, when you have to fight the man to see the oracle, you are supposed to lose.
After you complete the game, go back and load that level. You can defeat him to get
an alternate game ending.

Keep sword out:
Use the following glitch to keep the sword out in single player mode. Use the sword,
but at the exact moment get hit with a blast. Try throwing a grenade or flashbang,
then use the sword on an enemy. You will be thrown back, but the sword should still
remain in your hand. Note: You may have to attempt this multiple times in the event
you are killed by the grenade.

Submitted by: TANMAY

To destroy helicopter use focus power, then shoot by gun.By this helicopter will
destroy. FOR ANY PROBLEM OF THIS GAME EMAIL ME AT tsarkar3@yahoo.com

Concourse level: Flash bangs:
At the beginning of the level as you go into the first terminal, go forward and two
civilians will run out of a door and a policeman runs out of a gate. If you let the
policeman get away, he will shut himself behind a gate. Kill him before he does this
and a box of five flash bangs will appear. Walk over it to collect them.

Perfect accuracy:
Get a gun (preferably a machine gun) and switch to first person view. Shoot and you
will see that the bullets appear in a perfectly straight line, no matter what the
weapon. This is extremely useful and works with any gun.

Avoid getting shot when driving:
When driving as Niobe or riding shotgun as Ghost, you can avoid being shot at. To do
so, keep your screen in front of you. Doing this makes your enemies seem as if they are
not there. They will stop shooting as long as you do not shoot at them.

Additional options:
Go into the Hacking option and type DIR. This will bring up a list (System.exe,
Tools.exe, etc.). Under system, login as GUEST. This will bring up the B directory.
Go to tools under B’s directory and it will ask for a five digit binary code.
Note: This code is random each time. Enter the correct code (such as 11001 or 10011)
to access more options such as “DECODE.EXE”, “PLAY.EXE”, and “VIEW.EXE”.

The list of possible binary codes is as follows:


Vertigo level: Kill Agents:
There is only one way you can kill the Agents. Enable the “Maximum firepower” code
and take out the grenade launcher. Shoot the Agents three or four times and they
should die.

Enable the “Invisibility” code. Wait for an Agent to come outside a skyscraper then
knock him down. Note: Swords do not hurt Agents.

Vertigo level: Shortcut:
Proceed through the level as usual until you reach the part where the Agents drop
out of the buildings and put you through a wooden floor. Instead of walking or
jumping it, do a long Matrix jump over the gap next to it. If you make it the leap,
follow the outer boards and do a big jump at the end to the windows. Once in the
building, exit at the far window and you will be near the end of the level. By
doing this, you will eliminate about 75% of the level.

Wireless message:
Enter the following commands:

Passcode 8ram
3 digit code 942

If you complete the blue combination for the virtual command, it will hack your system.
Once you complete the blue version, Neo says that if he can track you, so can they. A
countdown from 1000 begins, and your command list freezes. The total countdown takes
less than twenty seconds, and when it finishes, all of your commands are gone and you
have to start again.

Defeating Agents:
On the level where the Agents chase you up the stairs and onto the rooftops, you can kill
them. Before entering the levels, make sure you have enabled the “Unlimited ammunition”,
“Unlimited health”, and “All weapons” codes.. At the beginning of the level, cycle through
your weapons and select the grenade launcher. As soon as an Agent runs after you, shoot
him three times with the grenade launcher. Wait until the smoke clears and they will be

Defeating Agent Smith:
When fighting the Agent Smiths, there will be a level where you find a grenade launcher.
Stay far back when shooting or you will be caught in the explosion. The Smiths will die
with about three shots from the grenade launcher. Be careful — even when you have
unlimited health, you could be blown off the buildings and die. Also, do not get close
to the Smiths or they will throw you. When a Smith dies, you will be able to pick up an
actual Agent’s gun (the .50AE), which can be used in dual handguns. These handguns are
the most powerful in the game.

Neo and Morpheus views:
[Note]: The following will not unlock Neo and Morpheus as playable characters, regardless
what the messages that appear state. In the Hacking mode, after unlocking the DECODE.EXE
program, type DECODE IAHSZWQLFZC. The following message will appear:

“Valid code found.
You will also hear Morpheus say “You have access.” Morpheus and Neo are now viewable in the
“view” section of Hacking mode, where you can get the stats and pictures of various characters
in the game.

If you type DECODE DBIUHU7XDTSMZYO, the following message will appear:
“Valid code found.

You will also hear Morpheus say “You have access.” Even more characters are now viewable,
such as the Merovingian and Bane.

Hard Line Pursuit level: Smith hunting:
On the Hard Line Pursuit level in Chinatown, if you have the “Unlimited Ammo”, “Unlimited
Health”, and “Maximum Fire Power” cheats enabled, you will start with the Grenade Launcher.
If you hit a Mr. Smith with three direct Grenade Launcher shots, he will die. You can then
get his gun, which is the best pistol in the game, if you do not already have one with the
“Maximum Firepower” cheat. Once you have played the Hard Line Pursuit level, continue
through the last two Chinatown levels so you can use the Launcher during them. The last
level on Chinatown is the best for hunting Smiths, because there are so many of them. Also
try enabling the “Invisibility” cheat so that the Smiths will not annoy you while you are
trying to kill them.

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