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EpicDuel Cheats


Bounty Hunter:
* Level 10 needed.
* Skills required: Stun grenade, Massacre, That double-hit blaster thingy.

Basically, throw the grenade. If you’re lucky, it stuns. Use the blaster (high
dexterity suggested). Now, just simply hit them with your blade(s), or your gun.
Finally, use Massacre (upgrades suggested), and that should do it!

Tech Mage:
* Level 10 needed.
* Skills needed: (Note: I fogot what these were called!) The lightning strike,
the regular blast, the super blast.

First, use the lightning strike, and hopefully you’ll stun. Second, use the regular
blast (upgrades suggested). And then, just whack them with your staff or shoot them
with a gun. Finally, use your super blast (upgrades suggested).

Mage moves:
1.Use lightning strike.
2.Use the move dat givs extra damage.
3.Use gun not primary coz wen enemy health reach 30 or higher it will go lower than
20 making them heal and gives you more trouble.
4.Use super charge to finish him off
(Note: upgrade it for more powerful hit so u can absolutely kill enemy).

Good weapons:
Submitted by: joeyclawson5

Use the indicated weapon at the following level.

Lvl1 : outlaw
Lvl2 : jackal
Lvl3 : blunderbuss
Lvll : no weapons so….
Lvl5 : jackal 2
Lvl6 : rouge blaster
Lvl7 : outlaw 2
Lvl8 : acp (if have varium)
Lvl9 : NONE SO….
Lvl10 : auto glock


Effective leveling secrets:
First you must log in two characters or more (minimum of lvl.5-1). Then meet the two
characters in a same area. When they meet, one must ask a duel request and the other
one must accept it. When the battle starts, one must run or quit from the battle. The
effect is the other character will win and exp is given. Do this every hour and your
character will level.

Web Browser Game Hint and strategy:
* For bounty – use all weps phisical damage melle,side arm and aulixary upgrade skill
that reduce dex more upgrade more powerful hit them with you weps the damage is
high and if you enemy is blocker you can use you side arm and aulixary.

* For mage this skill same with number 1 just upgrade skill that reduce technology and
use all technology weps.

Good weapons:
Submitted by: jinwei123

* for menercery when you are lvl 11 go buy the monster maul.
* for bounty hunter when you are lvl 12 go buy the motor blades.
* for tech mages when you are lvl 16 go buy the guardian staff.
* for any buy bazzoka when lvl 15.

Bounty hunter moves:
Ok when your in 1vs1 mode and its your turn then and you have stun gernade then throw
the stun gernade then if it stuns the other player then you the cheap shoot move then
it does a lot of damige.

Level up:
You can fight some of the NPC (Non-Playable Character) and level up. It’s simple, you
just go to the NPC and click challenge (Some of them can’t be fought so be aware of that)
then you battle them but don’t TOO high level people because they can still fight back.

Bounty Hunter Strategy (level 25+ required):
Submitted by: EpicDuel Maniac

First, you must retrain and max blood lust and poison. After, train it on smoke screen.
So first, you do poison, then smoke them and finally cheap shot. If they are still alive,
do wateva you want.

Bounty Hunter:
Submitted by: KillerInk

You need the following: Ground Slam, Bazooka, And the rain thingy.

First hit them with ground slam (beware none of these will stun) then hit them with
the bazooka and then the rain thing then a couple of other hit and they should be done

Equipment: Mlojonir any gun,any aux/energy meele phisical gun and aux dun hear use energy
wep some time level 25 up all have great energy def at last must have 1 phisical 2 energy
or 1 energy 2 phisical wep.

skill: hybrid armor(max) maul 3 above and artillery(max).

stat: Energy def must 17 above and phisical 13+13(wit hybrid armor)
hp and mana: 80 above mana 60 above

First see enemy support if low, hit wit maul hope stun but low support make chance stun
great (not stun if enemy lucky) wait 2 turn sometime u enemy hit u low level partner heal
him (parner very important) wit mlojonir boost stat can heal 33 but u field medic only
level 1,use artillery wait good timing wit artillery and see enemy def.

Good game:
Submitted by: the dark man

* For tech mage at level 25 – First get max in heal matrix then take overload and get max
in that the get 5 in the double attack.

Good game:
Submitted by: the knight

* For tech mage at level 25 – First get max in heal matrix then get max in daily arm and
get 4 in overload.

* For bounty hunter in level 30 – First get max in smoke so get you max in masscare and
then get so mani in poisen.

* For mecanary in level 30 – Ok first get max in the bazooka so get max in surgical strike
so get 5 in hybrid armor.

Good Weapons:
Submitted by: Jan Andre Hernandez

If yor lvl 22 go buy a energy bazooka
if your lvl 20 go buy the hurricane
if your lvl 12 go buy the jackal
(be aware you need 1262 credits to buy the hurricne)

Free varium only 5000 varium:
I cannot disclose to the public how it is done for the fear that someone will tell and
get it stopped. so if u want it i can explain to you in email. i am not saying send me
your pass im just saying i can speak to you in private on email and not let everyone now.
I can do it for you or you can do it yourself either way u can get 5000 free varium a

Submitted by: BIG TRAITOR

level 11 or up bounty hunters.
Hit the harder dude in this order if u r 2 vs 2 battle.
Order:Stun grenade,mine,poisen ore wild strike,gun.tat should do it

Powerful upgrade for bounty hunter lvl15:
Submitted by: bhavik the great

first get upgrade cheap shot till level4.then one mark for energy shield.then upgrade
your multi(multi-shot)till level 12.then upgrade blood lust till 15 and you get a first
class upgrade.

Slayer Build (Mercenary Only, Level 31+, Rare Item Included):
Submitted by: dezitonpyHi

75 hp
41 ep
30 +5 str
Dex: Train other stats first then remaining points in here
34+14 tech
27+14 sup

Harvest cleaver
Ballistic cannon
Power armor
2 hp boosters

2 field medic
Max hybrid armor
Rest in whatever

Gun, strike, strike, gun, repeat. Heal when below 20 hp and booster when below 15 hp.

How to find weakness’s:
Submitted by: Epicdueler

(All classes)
Goto 1vs1 and look at the armor that the opponent has if its physical use energy
attacks If its energy use physicals if its both E.g the opponent has energy+8 and
physical +13 then the weakest is energy so use energys.

How to level up easily:
Submitted by: Shreyas G S
Email: shreyassgs@gmal.com

You can level up easily if you mostly battle 2vs2 battles.Always be in Exile server
because there are almost 75% under lvl 20 people.To level up fast you must be lvl 20+.
If you are a mercenary then keep Hybrid Armor max then battle.You wont get much damaged
and you can defeat everybody easily.If you lose,you will get 19 experience if you win you
will get 24.

good technique for lvl 5+.:
Submitted by: EPICkiller

u have to have stun granade, smokescreen,blood lust,and cheap shot.
first do smokescreen then stun granade and atleast cheap shot.after it if your oponent
isn’t dead do whatever you want(you can use stun granade again).
(if you are lvl 10 do massacare)

its pretty good for bh level 20 and up:
Submitted by: whoever i am

Ok first retrain upgrade your emp grenade then get bloodlust then get stun grenade after
that max poison then get shadow arts and up grade it till it highest lev possible and
bring health up to 71 energy 71 then rest on dex and str.

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