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Epiphany City Cheats

Epiphany City

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Solve Wizard Hat Puzzle:
This guide will explain how to solve Wizard Hat puzzle.

While the hat belongs to the wizard, he’s never getting it back.
Gather up all 4 parts you can find (the door leading to another part)
and then try to make a flower on the same screen as the wizard.

-=More tips=-
* The green crystal is used as a part of the flower stem.
* The entire process leading up to it teaches the player you cannot
place tiles on water except when building bridges.
* You can place it on the ocean between the seawead and the sun, and
you can stand on the sun.
* Finding the wizard is the hardest part of this level.
* The wizard is above the big picture frame where you think you are
supposed to put the pieces.

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