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Escape 3 Cheats

Escape 3

Submitted by: RM

Obtain the keys required to complete the game by doing the following:

-Click around the darkness till you light a match, then you have
to slide the door and turn on the light
-Click on the oil can near the car, click it to spill oil till a
key comes out
-Click on the cards till they all become aces
-Put every basketball through the hoop, then a key will appear on
the basket
-Move the box, grab the part of the pump, take the pump to a tyre,
then pump it up, it will give you a key
-Paint in the correct spots to get a key
-The puzzle on the wall is tricky, but complete it and you will
get another key
-In the room with the car grab the thing leaning against the pillar,
it is a metal detector. You must move it over the walls till it lights
up and eventually you will find another key.
(Hint – Look at the top left area)
-Type 5283 into the phone
-For the safe you need to read the braille on the wall for the password
(Hint – It’s adlzou)
-The last key is rather tough. You must find tab for the classic
Metallica song ‘Enter Sandman’, then click the first 6 notes into the
guitar. You should hear the tune and a key will pop out. So far we –
believe no one worked this one out, it was a bit tough with only
giving the poster on the wall as a clue.

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