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Escape Dead Island Cheats

Escape Dead Island

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Shining Easter Egg:
While exploring the zombie-infested eponymous island your hero slowly loses
his mind. Later in the campaign, after collecting three required keycards,
Cliff Calo wakes up in a strange room at the top of one of Banoi’s mountains.

See the distinctive carpet in the safe room? It isn’t just a nice decoration,
it’s a reference to another famous madness-inducing location without so many
zombies roaming around.

The carpet comes straight from creepy halls of the Overlook Hotel — central
location of Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining based on the novel by Stephen
King. Danny Torance never had to deal with diabolical zombies (and even more
diabolical gameplay) like this. How’s that for a cool little homage.

Tips and Tricks:
In the last stage, you’ll have to run along an elevated platform while
dealing with bouncers and butcher zombies. They like to leap at you, so use
that fact to your advantage. Let them get near you, then run to the edge of
the platform. If you are lucky, the zombies will leap toward you and you
can quickly dodge out of the way. They’ll fly over the edge of the platform
and drop out of your way, leaving you to deal with other threats.

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