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Eternal Fighter Zero Cheats

Eternal Fighter Zero

Fight against Kanna. (Hidden boss):
Submitted by: Robert-Michael

Play through the game in Arcade mode without using any continues
until you reach boss stage. You’ll fight against Kanna as the game’s
last boss instead of Mizuho.

Fight as Kanna:
Highlight Kamio Misuzu at the character selection screen, then
press [Special]. Note: This only happens in the Bad Moon edition.

Random character selection:
Press [High Attack] at the character selection screen.

Alternate colors:
Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen, then press
[Special] when prompted to select a color. If done correctly, the
“User Color” sign will appear on the character’s image.
Note: v3.03 or higher.
Custom color palates can also be created for a character by running
the pal_edit.exe file included with the game.

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