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Europa Universalis IV Cheats

Europa Universalis IV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Command Cheat Codes:
Press ~ (tilde) for the command box to come up and then type one of the following
cheat codes below.

Effect Code
Extra Money – Cash (Number)
Add’s Stability – stability
Extra Manpower – manpower (Insert Number)
Add casus belli against target country – add_cb [casus belli tag] [target country tag]
Add core – add_core [Province ID]
Add natives to given province – add_natives [ProvinceID] [Amount]
Add opinion to/from tag – add_opinion [Country tag]
Add papal influence to tag – add_pi [Country tag]
Add patriach authority to tag – add_pa [Country tag]
Add reform level to the empire – add_reformlevel [Amount]
Add specified country tag – add_interest [Country tag]
Adds a colonist to a country – add_colonist [Country tag]
Adds a heir of a tag eg: add_heir 51 – add_heir [Target Country Tag]
Adds a missionary to a country – add_missionary [Country tag]
Adds diplomatic entroute – add_diplo
Adds more humans – morehumans [number]
Adds Piety – piety
Adds population to a province – population [ProvinceID] [Amount]
Adds Prestige – prestige
Adds the specified idea group – power [stability/tech_table_key/idea_key]
Adds the specified idea group – add_idea_group [Idea group key]
Begin annex/annexes the specified tag – annex [Target Country Tag]
Begin integrate the specified tag – integrate [Target Country Tag]
Change controller – controll [Province ID]
Change mapmode. – mapmode [Mapmode type (int)]
Change ownership – own [Province ID]
Changes the currently playing sound – nextsong
Clears the console. – clear
Creates an savefile – savegame
Discover capital of target tag – discover [Target Country Tag]
Double Rainbow help from an unicorn – helphelp
Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI – selflearningai
Executes an event eg: event 3041 51 – event [event id] [Target Country Tag]
Fog of War turned off! – fow off
Fog of War turned on ! – fow on
force Polls valid Events – poll
Get administrative power – adm [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Get diplomatic power – dip [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Get military power – mil [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Get power in all powers – powerpoints [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Gives max war score in all wars – winwars
Go to the nudge tool – nudge
Combat view give a random sound?
(0-50 0 the lowest 50 the highest – combatsound
Increase your Imperial Authority – imperial_authority [VALUE]
Kills the first cardinal in the list – kill_cardinal
Kills the heir of a tag – kill_heir [Target Country Tag]
Kills the monarch of a tag eg: kill 51 – die(kill) [Target Country Tag]
Make the client go oos – oos
Price Info. recorded on the gamelog – prices
Print out all console commands – help [command name]
Prints out the used memory – memory
Region Balance output – balance
Reloads the entire interface – reloadinterface
Reloads the gui (reload gui) – reload [VAR]
Remove casus belli from target country – remove_cb [casus belli tag] [target country tag]
Remove core – remove_core [Province ID]
Requests the gamestate from host – requestgamestate
Score output – score
Set the legitimacy of the ruler – legitimacy [AMOUNT]
Sets a forced sprite level – spritelevel [Sprite level]
Sets the missionary progress/province – setmissionaryprogress [ProvinceID] [Amount]
Shows all votes for a cardinal – papvotes
Shows your IP – IP
Starts a Pirate in a province – pirate [Province ID]
Starts a Revolt in a province – revolt [Province ID]
Switch tag to another country – tag [Country tag]
Switches to play no country at all – observe(spectator)
Tests a mission without triggering it – testmission [Mission Name]
Tests an event without triggering it – testevent [Event ID] [Character ID]
Toggles additional AI info – aiview
Toggles AI positive responses – yesman
Toggles all messages popup – msg
Toggles debug display – collision(debug_collision)
Toggles fullscreen – fullscreen
Toggles Terra Incognita on/off – ti(debug_ti)
Toggles the pausebanner/screenshots – nopausetext
Turns off fog of war in a province – fow(debug_fow) [Province ID OPTIONAL]
Validates all events – validateevents
Vassalize the specified tag – vassalize [Target Country Tag]
W00t What time is it? i play too much – time
Wins the siege – siege [Province ID]

Philospher Rush of colonists – Event 4021 5022
Natural Scientist Rush of merchants – 4022 5023
Army Reformer Diplomatic event – 4023 5024
Naval reformer Invest in government – 4024 5040
Artist Fortunes of war – 4025 718
Treasurer Infamy loss – 4026 857
Theologian war exhaustion loss – 4027 860
Statesman Colonists – 4028 862
Colonial Governor land tech – 4029 866
Spymaster naval tech – 4030 867
Diplomat trade tech – 4031 868
Trader gov tech – 4032 869
Master of Mint prod tech – 4104 870
Navigator civil war – 4110 6018
Grand captain – 4114
Army Organiser – 4115
Commandant – 4116
Quartermaster – 4117
Recruitmaster – 4118
Fortification exper – 4119
Inquisitor – 4120
Military Reform – 4011 5027 5032
Excellent minister – 5015
Exceptional year – 5019 5020 5021

Easy “The Re-Reconquista” achievement:
Note: Earning this achievement is very luck dependent. Have Algiers as ally. If they
are a rival, restart the mission. Take land from Morocco or make it a vassal. The gold
mine will allow you to pay the colonists and is also a low base tax. You will be able
to core it but do not take too much land. Rush exploration ideas but do not spend
diplomacy points until reaching Admin Tech 4. Take Cape Verde before the Portuguese.
You can also westernize, if you think it will help. Begin the colonization of Brazil,
then colonize a few Caribbean island. If Castille is faster than you, send colonists
to Carthagena, the capital of the Granada. You can also go to North America, as it is
easier to colonize and the Caribbean will not be that distant overseas, however the
Incas will be far away, and Aztecs are often strong. Do not colonize the tropical
provinces while there are non-tropical and uncolonized land. Defeat the natives before
the other western nations and take the gold mines. The Inca have a weaker army than
the Aztecs, but do not underestimate the Inca and the Andes or it can result in a
peasants’ war. If anyone start colonizing, try to stop them to prevent a strong colonial
nation. Bots will not colonize tropical land unless as a last resort.
Wait and prepare a lot of boats to form a wooden wall. You will also require many boats
and transports to retake Granada. At this point you should have land in Europe. Find
European allies, such as the Ottomans or France. Before 1700, attack Castille or Portugal
and take most of the land of their colonies and destroy their transports ships. After 1700,
attack Portugal, preferably if it is not allied to Castille, and take all their land in
Europe (except Lisboa). You will probably have a coalition of Castille, Portugal, and
Aragon formed against you. If France joins the coalition, improve relations. If they are
outraged but with a positive opinion and if they are in the coalition for two years,
they may leave. Attack Castille, preferably when they have only a few allies or if they
are at war with France, and then take as much land as possible. Do the same for Aragon.
One of the three Iberians may be allied with Austria or the Holy Roman Empire, but
France will not give them access, and you should still have the Ottomans as an ally.
You must then attack France. This will not be as easy as Castille or Portugal. Attack
them with the Ottomans and England while they are at war against Austria. Before this
last war, build arsenals in America. A force limit of 210 to 240 will be required.
Become Pious to get a morale bonus and hire a +10% Morale adviser. Accumulate money,
then move your armies very slowly.
Do not be attack generals with a better morale. Note: You also need to pay advisers,
because the lucky nations will always have better rulers.

How to Find IDs for Countries, Provinces, etc.:
The debug_mode command (called tdebug in games like Hearts of Iron IV) will show
province IDs, country tags, border distances and more useful information when you
hover over them in the map. To use the debug_mode command, all you have to do is open
the console, type debug_mode and hit enter!

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