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Evil Genius Cheats

Evil Genius

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Eben Gerryts

To enable cheat mode simply type “HUMANZEE” during the game. Now enter the
following cheats at will:

Code Result
Ctrl + S – Set off explosion / airstirke
Ctrl + C – Add $100,000
Ctrl + A – Army of Darkness (one of every henchman and minion)
Ctrl + O – Give all items
Ctrl + M/N – Turn on/off Global Chaos
CTRL + T – Gives all traps

Dev Mode Cheats:
Now switch on Dev Mode by holding “SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + D”, and then
the ~ key to use these cheats:

Code Result
df_buildinstant – Build rooms instantly
df_buildinstantobjects – Build objects instantly
fireinthedisco – Set everyone on fire

These following codes are for dev mode but enter them during the game,
not in the console:

Code Result
Ctrl + E – Set off explosion
Ctrl + M – Add minion
Ctrl + A – Summon agent
Ctrl + B – Summon plaything
Ctrl + G – God mode
CTRL + T – Trains up henchmen (mouse must be over henchman)
N – Move to day/night
R – Rain on/off

Minion codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Use one of the following entries with the add code.
For example, to get five workers, enable the add 5 100 code.

Worker : 100
Marksman : 101
Valet : 102
Technician : 103
Guard : 104
Biochemist : 105
Scientist : 106
Spin Doctor : 107
Mercenary : 108
Diplomat : 109
Playboy : 110
Martial Artist : 111
Quantum Physicist : 112

Easy money:
Early in the game, if you do not interrogate the maid, the agents of good will
not stop you at all. For example, if you did not torture the maid and put 30
workers on the Asian subcontinent, you will make $15,000 every minute, and not
call the attention of the good guys.

Control a minion:
Enable “Developer mode”, then hold [Alt] and Right Click to control a minion.

Defeating Dirk Masters:
Dirk Masters is difficult to kill. Do not keep him in your jail cell, because in a
short period of time he will escape and set explosives all over the room. Keep him
outside of your base at all cost. Dirk can be defeated by infiltrating his gym. He
always works out at the Mid-Coast. You are only able to do this when you are allowed
to do (by the optional objectives). Keep him outside as long as you can and he will
return to HQ if he cannot get in.
Note: It is possible to win the game without defeating John Steele, the last super

Defeating Jet Chan:
Challenge him in a “fair” match in a dojo. You will poison his refreshments before
the fight, and thus win. Since he is never defeated (fairly), he will “lose face”
and quit A.N.V.I.L, hide somewhere, and leave you alone.

Defeating Katherine:
After a period of time defeating Jet Chan, Katherine can be defeated by stealing her
cute teddy bear (Mr. Snuggles) whom she always cares about. The teddy bear can be found
in Siberia where she came from.

Defeating Mariana Mamba:
Capture then interrogate her with an Examination Chair (build an Infirmary when you
can and put an Examination Chair in it). She will grow fat and be defeated.

Submitted by: Dark Knight

You can edit two files “minionstats” and “agentstats” in folder “balancingdreadsheet”
to increase your minion’s health, loyalty, smarts, attention and endurance and decrease
agent stats.

Protecting Henchmen:
Henchmen are invaluable in the early phase of the game. However as enemy Super Agents
start to show up, you might want them to hide. as only Super Agents can permanently
kill your henchmen, here are some practical ways for protecting your henchmen:

1. World Domination Map. Easiest way in hiding your henchmen and most profitable. Even
if they are “Found out” on the map, they automatically go into hiding. The down side
of sending henchmen to the world domination map is you may occasionally forget they’ve
returned or when they do return you send them again to the world domination map and they
walk/run half way from seaport to the helicopter pad (not just re-enter the same way
they came), either way they are out in the open and vulnerable to Super Agents in those
very few minutes.

2. Guard Duty. Make a room with a level 4 access entry to the door. Henchmen will
usually automatically guard the door until ordered otherwise.

3. In Da Room. No.2 doesn’t work all the time, in fact for some odd reason, sometimes
henchmen don’t respond at all. The most effective and safe way is to create a room, put
all your henchmen in it and apply a level 3 or 4 access to the room. For some reason,
they don’t leave the room (or complain either, like your minions). So it might be a good
idea to place this room somewhere close and accessible, so when things get hot, you can
quickly send your henchmen to action. Remember to send them back to the room, otherwise
they’ll just wander about and get killed by a Super Agent.

Dealing with Super Agents:
Super Agents are the source of anger issues for anyone who has played this game. Here
are several ways in dealing with Super Agents:

1. Social Minions. The weaken tag does slow down their progress. However the downside
of using social minions is (a) They killed after performing the task (b) The stats of
the social minion fall drastically, thus unable to carryout normal tasks until full
and (c) it takes forever for the Super Agent to lower its stats.

2. Sentry Guns. ARE the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY in dealing with Super Agents. Though you need
a dang lot of them in a very good location. Place sentry guns (e.g. presumably near your
base entrance) in such a way that they can attack and also protect themselves. Also, using
the “Capture Tag” on super agents is more effective than the “Kill Tag” in bringing them
down. Be sure to have Fire Extinguishers nearby.

3. Weaken Tag Bug. If Super Agents somehow get through your defensive Sentry Gun line
(which means they’re already in your base), don’t rely on traps as they don’t do squat
to stop Super Agents. There is an odd bug that is quite an equalizer in handling Super
Agents: Use a weaken tag on the Super Agent, after a social minion will start to perform
his task, quickly change it to kill or capture tag. You will notice that the Super Agent
will continue “acting” as if still under the influence of the social minion, all though
the social minion is no longer performing the task. Repeat this process before the social
minion get too far. You will notice as you do this, construction and military minions will
attack the super agent when you issue the kill/capture tag, but will continue to attack
even after you’ve re-issued the Weaken Tag. Experiment with this method and you’ll discover
that sometimes the Super Agent just stands still while your minions punch away!

Lots of minions:
When you go to buy minions if you pick 99 workers by the time you get 99 workers click
them down to 0 and the computer wont kill or get rid of them you will have 99 minions
and the computer thinks youve got none they even work like normal minions.

Easy money:
Start building your secret underground lair, but do not build a Memory Bank or Control
Panel. Use all your money to build your lair, traps, plenty of power generators. etc.
When you do not have any more money, you will get $10,000 to build a Memory Bank or
Control Panel. Use it on something else, and you will get another $10.000. Build up
your base until you are satisfied, then build the Memory Bank or Control Panel.

Hint: Evil Genius:
People probably found this out already, but it never hurts to let people know. The very first
set of missions tells you to build a barracks, a control room, and to kill the investigators
pooling around your island. Build your control room as normal, but make you barracks really
large, buying about 4 beds for it, but practically filling it with lockers. The lockers make
your minion availability go up. And as long as you don’t kill all of the investigators then
you don’t progress in the game, so you don’t get agents, tourists on your island, nor super
agents on the world domination screen killing all the people you have out stealing for you.
I think through pure luck, the investigators got trapped behind my lockers and tried punching
their way through, but weren’t doing any damage at all, effectively trapping them punching
and kicking a locker for eternity. If you just set up a few confusing pop-up traps at your
entrance, that should work, too. In total I sent 85 minions and my henchman (but you can
send as many as you like) to the middle of North America to steal and they were bagging
£20,000 every minute. I left the computer on overnight and had over £10,000,000 when I got
to it in the morning.

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