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Extreme Pinball Cheats

Extreme Pinball

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes during game play.

Effect Key
Disable anti-gravity – 1
Enable anti-gravity – 2
Exit to DOS – [End]
Change scoreboard – [F12]
Nudge table right – Z
Nudge table left – /
Nudge the table – [Space]
Change ball type – [F1]
Sound effect – [F9]
Sound effect – [F10]
Sound effect – [F11]
Flying ball – 2(top row)
Normal ball – 1(top row)

Note: The sound effect and change ball type codes
may only be enabled on certain tables.

Increase number of balls:
Highlight the “Balls” option on the main menu. Press B + A + L to
select 5, 7, or 13 balls.

Remove sinkholes:
Sink the ball into Any sinkhole, then press [Esc] twice. The sinkhole
will be unusable for the duration of the game. To reactivate the
sinkholes, quit and restart the program.

Activate all lights on Rock Fantasy table:
Shoot the ball into the Stage Cannon, then press [Esc] twice. All the
lights will activate. Repeat this twice in a row will result in a
runtime error. To deactivate the lights, quit and restart the program.

Bullet proof vests on Urban Chaos table:
Press [Down] to get a bullet proof vest as many times as needed.

Dragon on Medieval Knights table:
Press D to see dragon appear from the center of the table.

Aim cannon on Rock Fantasy stage:
Hold [Left Shift] to aim the cannon at the Record Company Hole. Hold
[Right Shift] to aim it at the Ticket Sinkhole. Do not hold anything if
you want to aim it at the Road To Stardom Lane.

Thirteen balls:
Highlight the “Balls” option at the main menu and press B + A + L + [Enter].

Table select:
Start the game with the extreme [table letter A-D] command line. The game
will start directly at the selected table.

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