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F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2001 Cheats

F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2001

Submitted by: nightraider

Player Swap:
When your best player gets injured for a long time put him on the
transfer market. When you get an offer for him say you’ll swap him
for someone of about the same value. Then you get a free player but
the other club won’t want yours because he’s injured!

Training free kicks:
Want to train free kicks for some Star goals but can’t find the option?
Just start a regular training session, run to where you want to free kick
placed and take a dive (Shift or Ctrl + G on the keyboard, L/R + X on a
Sidewinder). Ideally this should be practiced with opposing players making
a wall, but it’s better to start by learning to aim the shot, and only
then start worrying about going around the wall.

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