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F1 Manager 2000 Cheats

F1 Manager 2000

Start a new game and enter one of the following names
to activate the cheat function.

Result Code
Activate cheat mode button at
options menu – Win~at~all~COSTS!
Skip races – Billy No Race
Click on money at menu screens
for more – Get Rich Quick
Click on date at menu screens to
advance 7 days – Doctor~Who

Enable the CHEAT button:
Submitted by: Stratos Kseretepoios

A simple way to enable the CHEAT button

1. Go to the folder +++++/Data/Interfaces , where
+++++ is your game installation folder

2. Open the file Options_GENGAME.ids with any text

3. Go to the end of the file and locate the last
BUTTON block

4. Delete the “1” next to the word BUTTON six lines
from the end, save and start your game

5. You’ll find the CHEAT button under the OPTIONS menu

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