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Fable – The Lost Chapters Cheats

Fable – The Lost Chapters

How to gain A LOT of exp:
Submited by: viliboy

In the quest where you must kill Maze there is an easy way of gaining all kind of exp.
Fight him until he gets in the lighthouse. After that do not follow him! Turn back and
climb up the stairs until you reach the bell. Behind it you’ll find out a witch
spawning everytime you kill her. After that its easy since they die in just one strike.
The trick is to make a big combo. Personaly i made combo of 180. Keep killing the damn
witch as many times as you think is enough.

Unlimited Silver Keys:
Submitted by: Haspa

This trick requires a spade/ First, take the Hobbe Cave Quest and go to the Rose Cottage.
Walk to the circle of flowers near the house. Use your spade and dig up a Silver Key.
You can also get 500 gold each time you do this if desired, by cutting the thorns and
opening the treasure chest. However, you will get Evil points. Then, do a hero save
and then load the saved game again. You should appear out of the Rose Cottage area.
You can repeat this as many times as desired. If you want to get unlimited keys
throughout the game, do not finish the quest.
You can keep going back and getting the Silver Key.

Infinite Experience:
You may want to accumulate 700 to 1000 Will Potions, , max out your Physical Shield,
max out your Will Level, get a heavy weapon (such as the Solus Greatsword or a Master
Great sword with 2 Silver Agumentations and a Fire Agumentation).
When Jack of Blades is activating the portals, in Whichwood, you can gain infinate
Exp. Make sure to have the Physical Sheild and about 700 Will Potions. The Minions
and the Undead drop Health and Mana Potions, Food, Gold, and gain Goodness. Attack
with a heavey weapon until your Shield is low, then use a couple Will Potions, then
repeat. It takes about an hour for your combat multiplier to get up high, but once
it reaches about 50 you will be making about 1000 Green Exp a kill.

Closed Economy
The concept of supply and demand exists in this game; the less of an item any
merchant/ trader has, the more they will pay to acquire it. While the more of an
item they have, the cheaper they will sell it.
Take advantage of this by acquiring a large quantity of any item (for example: green
apples) then sell them all to a town merchant. The merchant will then have a large
quantity of apples, and will sell them all right back to you for less than you just
sold them to the merchant! After you buy them (ALL), the merchant will pay big bucks
to get them back!
Just keep selling, buying, reselling, and rebuying, back and forth and you will see
your gold keep going up. This works with ANY item, but I’ve found that the BIG money
is in gems.

Duplicate Sword Of Aeons
When given the choice to keep the Sword of Aeons you have the choice of throwing it
away (this first choice denies you the weapon permanently) and remaining good or
stabbing your only sister to death (this second choice is considered evil in most
cultures) and keep the sword as a memento of your adventuring career. Instead, you
can duplicate the Sword of Aeons (a third choice perferred by game rapists) by doing
the following:

Save your game at the Heroes’ Guild before fighting Jack of Blades. Go ahead and
defeat Jack of Blades afterwards and when you win, don’t make a choice about the
Sword of Aeons. Instead, do a “hero save” then opt to reload your “world save”.
You will discover to your sick delight that the Sword of Aeons is in your inventory
but you’ll be right in front of Jack of Blades. Go and whack him again and you’ll
gain another Sword of Aeons.
If you’re greedy and want some money, do the “hero save” again and reload the “world
save” as many times as you desire. When you finally tire of this exploitation, you can
make a choice about the Sword of Aeons. Should you decide to remain good, sacrifice
one of the Swords of Aeons and keep the rest.

Submitted by:Sajuuk

* Just a few things I noticed as you wander the lands of Albion, if you want to
increase your money rapidly start collecting/buying gems, once you have enough
(90 rubys was what I started with) go to ANY trader who trades them, buy whatever
he has left of the gem your selling, then sell them all to him, since he has none
of the gems left, the price he will offer you is very high, and once hes been
flooded with gems, the price he’ll sell them for is very low.

* You can just buy them back and sell them to him again as many times as you like,
watch your profits sore 🙂 works best with diamonds ive found.

* Also, if you wanna get your XP up and your combat multiplier way way up once you
hit the graveyard sections of the game, make sure you have the mana shield spell,
and a load of mana potions.

* Once you start fighting the undead you will notice there are parts where they
just keep coming no matter how many you kill, this is where you want to be.

* Cast mana sheild and start cracking skull. as your mana runs low, use a potion.

* When the skeletons hit you, it WILL NOT affect your combat multiplier as you
are protected.

I got to 314 (thats 314 times any experience earned) needless to say I leveled up
like some kinda crazed zebra.

Opening The Demon Gates In Albion:-
Submitted by: Saikat_Roy

1)Guild- After you get the lamp, use it and talk to the guardian, he’ll let you in.

2)Lookout Point- After defeating Jack of Blades for the 1st time, a demon gate should
awaken opposite to the boasting platform in Lookout Point. Talk to the guardian &
he’ll consider you worthy enough to go through.

3)Greatwood Gorge- Perform a great evil act before the guardian and the door will open.

4)Darkwood- Accept the challenge of the guardian & defeat the hobbes to open the door.

5)Rose Cottage- Beats me. Maybe something to do with your love life or wives.

6)Darkwood Bordello- Use the services of the ladies in the bordello a lot and talk to the

7)Grey House- You must be married to open this gate.

8)Barrow Fields- Eat lots of food to transform yourself into a huge lard bucket & the
guardian will allow you passage.

9)Abandoned Road- 1st talk to the guardian wearing shiny plate armor, the wearing Dark
Will User outfit from the door in Darkwood(not Bordello) and ultimately wearing the
Bandit outfit. The door should open.

10)Witchwood Stones- Take the Obsidian Greathammer from the chest in the area (search
for it) and strike the four stones one after another to spell ‘HITS’. The door will
automatically open.

11)Knothole Glade- Build upto Accuracy level 3 and buy a Ebony Crossbow(bottomline is
you need a lot of arrow power) and shoot the guardian at full power. He’ll allow
you passage.

12)Lychfield Graveyard- Help the dead Nostro recover his armor(go along with the story)
to open the door.

13)Hanging Tree- If you choose to fight for Lady Grey’s hand, the demon door will open
only after you defeat Thunder in the cave.

14)Necropolis- Give the guardian ALL your silver keys(number of leys may be any) to
open the door. This is the Most Important demon door according to me as it gives
you the Bereaver which is even stronger than the Sword of Aeons/Avo’s Tear.

Submitted by: Saikat_Roy

1)The most effective will powers when fighting Jack of Blades as the Dragon are Time Stop
& Besserk (youcan kill it without using any other wills). When in the air don’t try to
shoot it(your efforts will be in vain). Kill it using the above mentioned 2 will powers
and the Bereaver when it lands.

2)Level up either Divine Fury or Infernal Wrath or Enflame as they are effective while
taking on large number of enemies. Force Push or Battle Charge may be powerful but may
also hurt allies.

3)Learn and level up the heal will power before going on escort missions as sometimes
(generally often) your escorts will develop critical health along the level.

4)The sword in the stone in the Temple of Avo may look exciting but it is not worth
levelling Physique upto level 7 to pull it out as it only has an attack of about 190.

5)While fighting Jack of Blades for the 1st time don’t use Assasin Rush to go behind him
as he automatically goes to the center to errect a barrier & summon minions. Most
effective will be again Time Stop & Besserk will powers.

Darkwood Lake: Easy sex:
Go to the Darkwood Bordello with a spade. Dig up the deed to the bordello under the tree
to the left when you first enter the area. You are now the owner of your own bordello.
Talk to any of the call girls and they will have sex with you for free. Note: This will
only work as long as you do not dedicate the bordello to a house for fallen girls.

Greatwood Caves: Cutlass Bluetane:
First, go to Twinblade’s camp and get as many bandits to follow you as possible. Lead
them through Darkwood to the Greatwood Caves where the Demon Door is found. Slow Time
and Assassin Rush are a must in Darkwood so they do not die. When you get to Greatwood
Caves, Slow Time and kill the Earth Troll or the Hobbes (depending on if you have done
the Rose Cottage side quest). You must get a combat multiplier of +14 for the Demon
Door to open. Once you have killed either the Hobbes or Earth troll, start attacking
bandits. As soon as your combat multiplier is high enough, run over to the door and
talk to it. Once through the door, you will find the Cutlass Bluetane, which has a
lightning augmentation and does 165 damage.

Necropolis: Archon’s Battle Armor:
Collect 25 silver keys, then unlock the silver key chest in the Necropolis.
You will unlock Archon’s Battle Armor. It is strongest armor in the game.

Oakvale: Easy money and early higher skill:
Go to Oakvale and buy every emerald in the shop. Look at the next delivery and sleep for
the amount of time needed for the store to restock. Keep doing this until you have about
90 emeralds. Note: Make sure to buy all the emeralds in stock at once, so that you will
buy them for less gold pieces. Once you have 90 emeralds, sell them to the shop, then buy
them back.. You should be able to sell them again for much more than you bought them for.
It is possible to get 1,000,000 gold pieces in ten minutes. This also gives you a lot of

Getting away with murder:
At night, sneak into someone’s house (do not slash the door). Either pick the lock or go
in at dusk before the doors close. Go in and kill the people who live there when no one is
looking, except them. Quickly kill them and run out of the house. You will not be charged
with murder and you will be able to buy the house. This will not work every time. If you
get caught, either reload the game or use your Guild Seal and teleport away.

Easy theft:
To steal anything in most shops, get a lot of beer from the tavern. Give it to the shop
owner you want to steal from. It usually takes about three or four beers to keep them
drunk. When they start swaying and blubbering, push them out of the shop. You are now
free to steal anything desired while the shopkeeper wanders around. Be aware of your
surroundings; some people might walk in if they are attracted to you. They will stay
drunk for about three or four minutes, giving you plenty of time to pillage.

Easy kills:
This trick requires you to have maxed out the Fireball skill. You can press [Shift] and
click the fireball. Hold it until it reaches maximum strength. Once it hits the ground it
blows up, knocking the targets down and killing them. Then, go to the desired target. When
you see the blue highlight, let it go at the target. It will hit the ground, killing the
guards. You will not get warned or have to pay any-fines. If you do this to a person, be
careful — once you kill them, their house will become available for purchase.

See both endings:
To get both sides of the endings and after stories, save the game before battling Jack Of
Blades. Save just before you enter the big gates that lead you to the last battle, so that
you can choose at the end both to keep his mask or to destroy it. Do not skip the credits.
Afterwards, save the game again, but in a different file. You can then load the game before
you fight Jack Of Blades and do all of this again. You now have a choice between real evil
or good, and have people either screaming and running away in your presence, or have have
them bowing at your feet.

YMCA dance:
Near the end of the game once you get the glyphs of inquiry, assign the four expressions
you gain to up, down , left, and right. Put up your weapon, then use the expressions in
the order “Y”, “M”, “C”, “A”.

Character development:
At the start of the game, do many good deeds to get your good alignment filled. Also, keep
saving money to buy full plate mail (or buy piece by piece). This will serve until you have
the best armor in the game. When you have full plate mail, save another 83,000 gold. Then,
go to Bowerstone North. Enter the item shop and he will be selling the Solus Greatsword.
This is the strongest weapon in the game and kills most enemies in two or three hits. To
get the best bow in the game, Skorm’s bow, you need to be very good (halo above your head).
Hire three henchmen to follow you and bring them to the Chapel of Skorm. Then, sacrifice
them. If you are evil, you must sacrifice ten or eleven henchmen. While you are saving
money, also max out Physique, Health, and Toughness (in that order). You can add points
into toughness, Health and Physique at the same time but make sure Physique is maxed out
before Health, and make sure Health is maxed out before Toughness. After you defeat Jack
of Blades for the first time, all these attributes should be maxed out and you will do
amazing damage, have lots of health, and have skin as tough as stone. While saving money
and maxing out those three attributes, also collect Silver Keys. After you have twenty-five
keys, you can get the best armor in the game. First, go to the Necropolis, when you do the
Necropolis quest. Go across the bridge and turn right. There should be two chests. In the
chest which requires twenty-five keys, there is Arkon’s helm, chest plate, gloves, legs
and boots. You should now have the best weapon in the game (Solus Greatsword), the best
bow in the game (Skorm’s Bow), the best armor in the game (Arkon’s) and have maxed out
Physique, Health and Toughness.

Continue game play:
After you kill Jack of Blades for the second time, watch the credits. After they end, your
character will start out in front of the Bronze gate, and not the main menu. However, you
will be wearing Jack of Blades mask, if that is what you decided.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail reference:
When fighting guards they will sometimes yell “Bah its only a flesh wound!”.

Barrow Fields: Cheap blue mushroom:
For a quest, you must obtain four blue mushrooms. There is one for sale in Barrow Fields
for 1,500 gold. Steal it, then pay the guards a 750 gold fine. You may also run, but it
is easier to just pay the fine.

Arena: Killing Whisper:
To kill Whisper, use Slow Time, Multi Hit, and
rk. Hit Whisper numerous times with
the Obison Great Sword (or Hammer) and make sure to dodge frequently.

Easy experience:
Use the following trick to get full Strength, Magic, and skill at beginning of game. When
you get out of the guild go to Bowerstone South. Buy more than 350 carrots from the merchant
with the small wooden stand. Then, buy a lot of fish. If you run low on money keep defeating
the fist fighters gang repeatedly. If you have any Ages Of Will or Skill potions, you will
get a lot more experience .Get a woman to follow you into Bowerstone Quay. Corner her and
beat her until you get your combat multiplier to about 100. Note: This will take some time,
but it is worth it because you will receive about 500,000 experience points for strength.
Eat as many carrots and fish as possible. You should be able to max out Physique, Health,
Toughness, Guile, Accuracy, and Speed.

Temple Of Avo: Donation items:
Enter 582 as the amount to donate and you should get either the title Paladin or a Gift Of
Life. Repeat this get the one you did not get the first time.

Easy experiences:
Play the mission where you must fight and kill Maze. Do not go to the barrier until after
this trick. At the very top right of the map where the well is located, there will be a
Screamer that respawns repeatedly. By killing it you will gain about 1,000 general experience.
The maximum amount of general experience is 999,999 points and it will only take about
fifteen minutes to get it. This also results in about 100,000 experience points in skill
or strength.

Gain evil morality:
Use the following trick to re-enact the Oakvale Raid cheat and gain evil morality. To recreate
this viscous battle, go to Bowerstone South and hire the mercenary in the tavern. Then,
teleport over to Twinblades Camp and hire the mercenary. Once this is accomplished, ask all
of the available bandits in Twinblades Camp and Twinblades Elite Camp to follow you. Do not
teleport, as the other un-hired bandits will not follow you. Take them all the way back from
the camp, through the cliff-top patch, and into Oakvale. Once there, simply attack a villager.
The bandits will follow suit, attacking guards and villagers alike. This is a good way to
boost your morality towards the evil side (if you are working on the temple of Avo).
Also take advantage of the situation to raid shops and rob them blind, as your bandit friends
create an ample distraction. Be careful not to kill the shopkeeper.

Cheap place to sleep:
In every town is a home that can be bought upon entering that area without having to kill
people. Although getting the “Lockpick” ability grants discretion, you can still break down
the door while no one is looking. Once you are inside the vacant home, you are not considered
a trespasser. Even when you walk up to the bed, you are prompted “Are you sure you want to
sleep here?” as opposed to “This bed does not belong to you. Are you sure you want to sleep
here?”. Even guards will walk in and do nothing but greet or curse you (depending on your
alignment). The doors will close behind you as soon as you leave.

Easy “A+” rank on Will training:
When you are being graded for Will training, to get an “A+” stand next to the bridge facing
in between the side and back of the dummy nearest to the bridge. Lock on to it and fire. You
will automatically switch targets. When you strike the dummy farthest away from you, stop
casting or you will waste mana. Repeat this and you should get about a score of 21 if done

Unlimited Moonfish:
While on the “Rose Cottage” mission, do not talk to the Cave Dweller (Evil Nymph or Fairy)
at the bottom of the cave after she gives you the option of replacing the child with someone
else. Roam around, dig up the Silver Key, and fish anywhere desired. Every fish you catch in
the Focus Chamber will be a Moonfish.

Easy experience:
Use the following trick to get easy skill experience at the start of the game. After you get
out of the Heroes Guild, go immediately to Grey House. Once there, use the Yew Long Bow and
do as little damage as possible to the undead. Doing 6 to 8 damage per hit, you will gain a
lot of skill experience in a short time. It is possible to max out your Guile skill in about
an hour. The slow movement of the undead is a plus.

Darkwood Lake: Bordello:
When going into the Darkwood Bordello, you will meet up with Madame Minzche. After speaking
to her, talk to Grope. He owns the bordello. Buy six beers and give them all to him. He will
get drunk and want to go to bed. Follow him upstairs and he will tell you where to find the
deed to the bordello. Dig it up between the old tree and the statue by the entrance. You now
have two choices. Either give the deed to the madam or keep them. You can give them to her
at any time, and can choose to keep them for a little while. If you choose to give them to
Minzche, you will not be able to open the Demon Door at the bordello. If you keep them, go
back inside and sleep with the ladies ten times. Go to the Demon Door and it should open for
you. If not, sleep with them some more. Inside you will find a chest with a pimp hat.
Also, in the bordello upstairs, there is a cabinet where you can get a red head wig.

Killing innocent people without gaining evil points:
This trick is useful if you want to buy a place but do not want the evil points awarded for
killing the owner. Note: You must be good to do this trick. Go the person in question and
tell them to follow you. Take them to any area with enemies. You may have to destroy a few
to get the people to the correct location because they will not follow you once they see an
enemy. Then, just let the creature kill the innocent person.
The person is now dead and you will not be blamed.

Avo’s Tear:
Ok.This is more of a hint than a cheat,but it can still be very useful.After you beat Jack of
Blades,toss the Sword of Aeons into the vortex.Then,go into Maze’s room in the guild.In one
of the book cases there should be a book called the History of the Guild,take it.A green dot
should appear on your map.Go to the dot.It should have led you to the empty grave outside.
Read the grave,and then Avo should start talking to you.You should recieve the sword Avo’s

Duplicate Sword Of Aeons:
When given the choice to keep the Sword of Aeons you have the choice of throwing it away (this
first choice denies you the weapon permanently) and remaining good or stabbing your only sister
to death (this second choice is considered evil in most cultures) and keep the sword as a
memento of your adventuring career. Instead, you can duplicate the Sword of Aeons (a third
choice perferred by game rapists) by doing the following:

Save your game at the Heroes’ Guild before fighting Jack of Blades. Go ahead and defeat Jack of
Blades afterwards and when you win, don’t make a choice about the Sword of Aeons. Instead, do
a “hero save” then opt to reload your “world save”. You will discover to your sick delight
that the Sword of Aeons is in your inventory but you’ll be right in front of Jack of Blades.
Go and whack him again and you’ll gain another Sword of Aeons.

If you’re greedy and want some money, do the “hero save” again and reload the “world save” as
many times as you desire. When you finally tire of this exploitation, you can make a choice
about the Sword of Aeons. Should you decide to remain good, sacrifice one of the Swords of
Aeons and keep the rest.

Easy money:
This trick requires maximum Guile skill. Go to the item shop in Oakvale and talk to the
trader in the shop. Buy all the Emeralds. It does not matter how many emeralds he has. Do
not exit. Instead, go directly to the “Sell” screen. Sell all the Emeralds. You should be
able to sell them for more than you bought them for.
Do this repeatedly until you are satisfied with the amount of money you have.

Solus great sword:
First go to bower stone north go to the little shop and go into the weapon menu and then
find the solus great sword and you will find it is stronger than the sword of aeons but you
may not get it if you are evil.

Stay Big from Bersek:
You can become permanently hugh like berserk by doing the following:

1) Get the spell
2) Cast Berserk
3) Save your cast
4) Reload the game after you cast the spell, Volia, you are now the hulking hero you always
wanted to be!
If you cast Berserk again after using this technique, when it wears off you will return to
normal size.

Bereft of Silver Keys:
After you get the Fire Heart and get to the Lost Bay, you will eventually encounter a demon
door who will only let you in if you give him all your silver keys. Don’t do this unless you
have at least 30 silver keys and have opened all the silver key chests. If you have, then go
ahead and give that ddemon door all your silver keys. Inside, you will find a chest that
conceals a very powerful sword (Bereaver).
This sword does more damage than the Sword of Aeons or Avo’s Tear!

Custom Tattoos:
Think you can do a better job than the finest skin artists in Albion? Want to
customise your Hero down to his very flesh? Here’s how to do it.

In the Tattoos folder (found in ‘My DocumentsMy GamesFable’) you’ll see a folder
named after your user profile. Inside you’ll find a bitmap (.bmp file) for each of
the tattoo types you can customise:


Open the tattoo type you want to customise in an image editing program such as
Paint. Once you have edited the image, save the result.

Next time you pay a visit to a Tattooist in the game, your customised tattoo will
be available for application in the same way as those found on Tattoo Cards.

Please note that customised tattoos will only become available in game once they
have been altered.

Should you ever need to revert back to the blank tattoo image, you will find the
originals in the ‘DataTattoos’ folder, which is in your Fable installation
folder. Simply copy the bitmap file over the custom tattoo you want to replace
(removing the “_base” part of the filename).

Easy Stealing From a Trader:
What is needed:

1.Well renown
2.Stealth (ability to steal items)
3.Some Beer

First you need to buy some some beer (8 to 10)(for example the Weapons/Clothes
Trader at Heroes Guild) then you ask the Trader to follow you, take him to a far
of place and tell him to stop following you. Then you give him some beer until
he gets gets drunk (swaggering, wasted). Then you run back to his store and start
you five finger discount. Don’t worry you will have a enough time to take e
verything that is visible.

*Also you can make a profit by selling him the stuff you just stole. Ain’t that
great. The only bad side to this is that you will gain little evil points on every
theft. But it is worth it.

Important Health:
Make sure you learn the heal spell as soon as you can. (you can learn it the first
time you level up right after your training) This of course is useful in battle but
more importantly during escort quests; by casting the spell you will heal yourself
as well as the ones following you.

Secret – easy will exp.:
First you will need the following items and spells: summonL3, berserkL3(optional),
physical shieldL3 and a heavy weapon like the bereaver or the solus greatsword.
First, go to archon’s shrine, cast physical shield and then berserk(again, optional)
you might want to use a will potion after berserk. kill all of the balverines if
there are any, then kill the wraiths. you CM should be at about 30-35. Cast summon
rapidly and drink will potions when needed. do this repeatedly and you will have a
bunch of will exp. at your disposal.

No trespass fee:
When you go into some one house and sleep i some ones bed when the screen starts
going black run out the door and you dont get a fee.

Secret – Beat the dragon melee style:
You will need the following: L3 of multi strike, berserk, and slow time. when you
begun the battle, cast slow time, then berserk, then multi-strike, hit him with
the sword of aeons or avo’s tear. When he lands again, repeat this process and you
will defeat him with greatest ease, i beat him in under 2 minutes with that technique.
p.s. do not worry about the minions and summoners, just focus on the dragon.

Stay Through The Credits:
If you watch all the credits you get to keep playing. The credits are pretty long
so go watch T.V. for 10 minutes or so then go back to your computer.

Easy Way To Get Experience:
At the snow villiage when you run out theres a group of white balverines and summoners
kill them and run to Archon’s Shrine real fast, so you don’t waste any of your combat
multiplier, run back and they reappear rinse and repeat. Also try not to get hit,
pretty much the best way not to get hit is to use your bow+Multi Arrow it owns them
real quick.

Fire Heart Puzzle:
When trying to get the fire heart, on the last puzzle, screw trying to turn all the
stones into suns. Though it gives you bad points,(not sure how much, sry) turn all
of the stones into moons. It’s way frickin’ easier.

Hero Save Exploit:
In the middle of a quest, if you use a hero save and reload the save, you will start
at the beginning of the quest as if you had never begun, and you will retain all items
that you obtained during the last run of the quest. This is especially useful in the
Arena, where vast amounts of money can be made if used right. This exploit can also be
used to get infinite silver keys, potions, etc if used during missions. If used too
many times, this exploit can cause damage to your saved game.

Sleep in already occupied houses without the fine:
Don’t do this trick if the house’s bed is too far away from the entrance. First find a
bed in a house and then try to sleep in it. It’ll warn you about it but click yes anyways.
Then quickly run out of the house before the screen fades and you won’t get a fine from
it. The game thinks you slept, but there’s no intrusion of property fine.

Skorms Bow Easy:
It’s easy to get Skorm’s Bow near the game’s beginning. I generally do this before the
Wasp Quest.

-Be neutral or better, just not evil in alighnment.
-Make sure you’ve been to Oakvale and Bowerstone.
-Go to the Chapel of Skorm.
-Teleport to Bowerstone, hire the mercenary, and recall to the Chapel.
-Teleport to Oakvale, hire the mercenary, and recall to the Chapel.
-Sacrifice them both at midnight (The minimap’s “clock” orb’s hand appears to point
at the center of the night half)

This has worked every time I’ve done it. I’ve tried it at other times of day, but it
didn’t work, so midnight is important.

Lengthy but easy experience points:
Bring plent of meat and fish and carrots. Go to Bowerstone Quay during the day.
Complete the tasks set forth to you by the man down by the docks who wants you to
meet his daughter. This will make you look rather rediculous and so, in a way, this
cheat is a well deserved revenge. You’re going to need patience for this or an
autoclick program of some sort, I just did it with good old fashioned patience.
Once you have presented yourself to the man for the last time and it’s revealed that
he doesn’t even have a daughter and he was just doing this for a laugh, punch him
right in the face, back him into a corner and beat the every living tar out of him.
after a while he will fall to the ground and you’ll really just be kicking him
repeatedly for days on end. In addition to the heaping loads of experience you’ll
gain from an insane combat multiplier, you will pretty much max out your evil so
if you plan on being good you’ll have to go to the Temple of Avo or do some really
good deeds to make up for this.

Infinite Undead Slaying on Cliffside Path:
After you’ve completed the ‘Saving Scarlet Robe’ quest, you can walk back to Cliffside
Path, where there will be a total of TWO Undead. Despite the fact there is only two of
them, they will respawn infinitely upon death (or so it seems at least), and the second
wave will be targetable almost immediatelly after the first ones have died.
I had Enflame 4 and just kept spamming it, got bored at 155 CM, but had enough exp to
max out the character anyways.

Unlimited gold:
To get the idea buy all

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