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Fifa 07 Cheats

Fifa 07

Submitted by: Gautam Kaviraj

here’s how to earn some easy money in the manager mode

play a season in the manager mode………then at the point where it’s the
last match of the season—>
1) save and backup the career..and then play the last match….you will
proceed to the next season!!

2) Now as soon as the new season starts…..go to the transfer market….
go to the Search Players screen….select all leagues…all teams… all
players(available for transfer and others as well)…..now when the search
results display, highlight(select) the price coloumn and sort by ascending..
Now you will find a lotta players with 0 Transfer Fee (free transfer players)
purchase all the players with stats of 80 and above!!

3)once you sign these players..you can either keep them or re-sell them for
a good amount of money!! usually players with stats of 80 and above and ages
between 20 and 30 transfer for atleast 10 million (i sold Nilmar for 76 Million
, Rooney for 90 Million and Ronaldinho for 102 Million….and bought them back
on free transfers within the next 2-3 transfer windows)

4)In case you do not get good players…use the backup save game..replay
the last match of the previous season and then the player lists will be
regenrated again!!

Submitted by: Gautam Kaviraj

Free Kick Model of this game is an improved version of the One In
FIFA WC ’06!!All you need to do is get the hang of it , then its all
downhill from there!Here’s a few Tips :
1.When taking a free kick Towards the post nearer to you–>
Before taking the kick press the direction arrow for just an instant
(this helps with the angle)…….use the down arrow + nearer post’s
direction(left or right) and tap the shoot button gently….
Once u get the hang of it…. you’ll score each and every time!!

Now use the up arrow plus the direction of the farther post(Left or Right)
and press shoot till the shot-meter is as close to full as possible..and
just when the kick is being released tap the direction button… once you
master this you’ll get almost all the kicks in the goal!!

Press the Trigger Run/Tactics Changer Button along with the Shoot Button
this will take a grounded powerful kick….although u’ll need to practice
this a bit !!

Move your player a bit in the direction opposite to the one you intend
taking the kick in……. Now Press Lob/Slide Button + Shoot + direction
arrow(without up or down)and let the shot-meter fill just a little more
than half and Shoot

So Take some time and get set with your controller..fter that. HAPPY SCORING!!

Easy goals:
If you have the ball and are outside the area but not on your half, you can
check on the map how far the keeper is off his line. Normally he is about
two meters. You can lob him easily if you get the power correct.

Easy unlockable points:
Advance through the game modes and select Tournament mode. Select any cup
tournament, as they tend to be shorter. Select the highest rated team or
replace a team in the tournament with a highly rated team from another
league. Advance to Tournament Central and quick sim all the games until
you have won the tournament. You will be awarded unlockable points to spend.

Easy money:
No matter what team you are in Manager mode, buy the best free agents in
the transfer market. Sell them during the same transfer market window so
you do not have to pay the high salary. Because they are free to you, once
you sell them you can get the added millions to your bank account.

Easy win:
Play with the 3-4-3 combination. You will hardly lose any matches, even if
you quicksim them.

Manager mode:
When starting a new Manager mode, select Arsenal. Remove some of the players
that you think will not play in your lineup. You will always succeed.
Always refresh the contract with a salary much lower than he gets.
Do not to go too low or the deal between you and the player will fail.

Submitted by: Saikat_Roy

This is more of a hint actually.It is a way of making about an extra
5-20 million $ in the manager mode.
During the transfer season go to the transfer window and check if a
player is available with an overall performance above or around
75-85(verrrry rarely they are above 85) and transfer it to your club.
Once the Transfer completes and they are successfully with your team
put the suckers on the Club Transfer List & save the Game and do a
quick sim.Eventually a club will buy the player & you’ll have about
$5-20 million without spending a penny.Game on!

Finding Giovanni Dos Santos:
You can find Giovanni Dos Santos in Barcelona’s reserve list. Even though he is only
69 overall you can edit his stats and make him as good as Ronaldinho. You will then
have two of the best midfielder’s in the game.

Cheaper players:
This trick works in Manager mode when you are changing teams at the end of a season.
At the end of the season when you are asked whether or not to renew certain players’
contracts, choose not to renew the contracts of your favorite or best players (the
ones you want on your new team). When you arrive at the new team and the transfer
period starts, the players will be free agents, allowing you to transfer them without
paying millions in fees and allowing you to re-negotiate the contract to fit your new


This is not a cheat but it is a hint which could help you out to score a
fantastic goal in your gameplay.

Here’s how to score a “GOAL” from the corner without any assistance from
the players. Only u need to do is just follow these steps:

1) During the gameplay when you get a chance to take a corner kick, first
of all try to adjust the camera angle by using your directional key’s(i.e.
Left or Right). No matter from whichever side you are taking the kick.

2) Now adjust the camera angle in such a way that except the goal post every
other player is visible to you (This means you make the camera angle–start
from the Goal keeper & to the rest of the players). Make sure while you adjust
the camera,sometimes you might see a slight view of the near post. However it
doesn’t makes any much difference in the angle.

3) When you have set the camera angle keep on holding the “DOWN ARROW” key
and tap “SHOOT”(press ‘D’) + NEAR POST DIRECTION KEY(i.e. Left or Right)
gently & simultaneously at once. So,that you can power a shot & let the
power indicator bar be filled upto 58-68 %(a bit more than half).
As soon as you shoot the ball now keep on holding only the arrow keys i.e.
“DOWN ARROW + NEAR POST DIRECTION KEY. This will make the ball “SWING” and
bend towards the goal post.
Hence, there you achieved a “SUPERB GOAL” in your game.

For such type of goals. You need to practice this for a couple of times…
—– This also depends on the quality of players you have choosen for a
corner kick. so, you need to select players such as ‘BECKHAM’,’F.LAMPARD’
e.t.c..which can give u good overall performance.

I Scored very first goal from F.Lampard(Chealsea).
That was an absolutely ‘FANTASTIC’ goal.

Note: when u have adjust the camera angle don’t press the direction keys
(i.e. Left or Right )or else your camera angle gets roatated and you can’t
get the perfect shoot. please be very accurate.
So, then keep on” SCORING GOALS”.
–if any question email: pratik_ziz@yahoo.com

Submitted by:**PRATIK TAMBE**.
E-mail: p22_kaka@yahoo.com

Here, are some tricks i have brought to you which i found during the gameplay.
I suggest u to apply these tricks at your gameplay,bcoz they might help you to
make your game easy & reliable.

The following are the “TRICKS” i have been explained in suitable manner:

-This Trick is used when u r taking a wing play likely, for eg:-
When you are going from left to right,press the right button of your directional
key’s and lightly tap the cross button-i.e.(A).

– This Trick is used to lift the ball & shoot when u are 1 on 1 with
Goal keeper.For eg:-When you are going from left to right,let go of the right
directional key and press shift + up + left + down simultaneously & hence u will
able to perform this trick.

– This Trick is used to beat the defender mostly when u play at world
class level.For eg:-When you are going from left to right,let go of right
directional key & press up–then–left–and–down qiuckly to perform it.

– This Trick is used to make a lane change so that u can easily
move forward without been tackled by your enemy.For eg:- When you are going from
left to right, let go of the right directional key and just press shift + up then
down .u can do it vice-versa also.

Try to practice these tricks couple of times then only u will get a hang of it.
–If any question E-mail:-

Submitted by: cristiromania

well this is actually a bug but you can use this as an advantage for yourself.while you
are still in your half of the field, pres lob/sliding tackle, and immediately after that,
pres shoot/constervative tackle. you will shoot incredibly powerful.

if you want to score a goal from the half of the field,all you have to do is this:when
you are on the counterattack,be sure to have possesion of the ball with your central
midfielder and right after you pass the central of the field line, take a shot at full
power.the keeper will be far from the goal and you will score a great goal.but beware,
this isn’t going to work everytime, and be sure that you are perfectly alinied with the

Submitted by: Pratik Tambe


Submitted By : Pratik Tambe.
Hey Friends……….Wannaa make your Favourite club as same as ” WORLD XI ” in
Manager mode . Then here is a cool hint , I used it in Manager mode,so I would like
to share with u.In Manager mode if u are currently playing with **CHELSEA FC**…….
then its good for u . So only u have to do is make only 4 transfers i.e. u have to buy
4 players in your team to make your team as same as [ ” WORLD XI ” ]
..So Try to buy these players :
Kaka_(CAM) , Messi_(LF) , Eto’o_(ST) & Zambrotta_(DEF) in your team.
So your ‘SQUAD’ would be consisting of the following players:-
GK- Cech.
RB- Ferreira.
CB- Terry.
CB- Carvalho
LB- Zambrotta.
CDM- Essien.
RM- Lampard.
LM- Ballack.
CAM- Kaka.
ST- Messi.
ST- Eto’o.
Subs- 5**
RWM- Wright Philips.
LWM- Robben.
LM- J.Cole.
ST- Kalou.
ST- Shevchenko.
For rest of the players you can sell them any of the team
This above team definately acts as same as ” WORLD XI ” team.
**Note** U have to play in the formation of 4-1-2-1-2. But I prefer you guy’s
to take **CHELSEA FC** All this happens because the team graph approximately acts as
same as team graph of ” WORLD XI “. So, i made an observation in playing with such team….
as u can also observe it by making some changes in ” GAME SETTINGS “..Turn ON : SKILL GRAPH……
for eg: This shows the graph of each an every player such as..skill graph for Kaka
and messi…..etc also u have to make sure that it’s you have to play better in
concetrating your game as u need much practice to do it .
So,that the team chemistry matches with the **WORLD XI** team.
Hence……your team acts as same as **WORLD XI**.

If any Questions email : » pratik_ziz@yahoo.com

Submitted by: abhishek (chotu)

this is a way to score easily in any difficulty
first you need a golie that can hit straight in his goal kick such as van der sar
during the goal kick press c to call the defender and pass the ball to him now
again pass to the golie this should be quick
the ball must be in his feet now
press a to full power so that the golie must shoot just outside d
the ball will come to your striker and u will have a free run to the goal where
you can score easily without cheats

Double stepover:
Cristiano Ronaldo and Robinho are two of the best dribblers. Use the Trick Stick with
Ronaldo or Robinho to perform a double stepover. Press Forward, then rotate left and
then right.

Submitted by: GAURAV -THE ONLY 1 PRO

i consider dere r two categories for free kik
1)free kik less than at a distance of 24 M
2)free kik longer thn 24 M
now listen 1st this and u wll find eaach free kik inside post

while hitttin 19.7 M free kik ne player wll do. i prefer frank lampard ,C.ronaldo,
D backhem .to hit 19 M free kik 1st use direction keys.
1st press direction key in opposite direction means take it as away as u can from
post.means if u wanna hit free kik in right side rotate to left side.and rotate to
such a extent so tht u cant go further.
now once this is done now if u hav rotated to right side den press D such tht only
20% of the power wll get selected and simultaneously press left and up arrow key.
remember giv power as less as possible.
when hittin right hand side free kik select left footer
player and perform exact opposite thng .
i prefer ROBBEN.
goli wll dive bt he cant sav.
now to heat 23 M free kiks if they r quite in front of goal post do same thing if
de r not exactly in frnt of post den do same thng only chng is giv just less thn
half power .
u wll also become sure abt this free kik too.


Submitted by: Cooll456

In main menu go to team management & then go to international selection then you
can choose old players like zico from brazil . roberto carlos etc… If you want
to choose classic players the see the country in players profile in Classic XI.
Then u can choose great legendry players for national team. Enjoy the game!!!…

Easy trophies:
Go into Tournament mode and select any desired cup. Then on the “Select Tournament
Teams” screen, remove all the high level clubs and replace them with lower class
teams. Then, select a high level team for you to play as. Select “Advance” to play
the Tournament. You can now get easy wins in the Tournament. You can even Quick Sim
all the matches if desired. If you picked a high level team to play as, such as Arsenal
or Chelsea, and all the other teams are low level, like Barnet and Boston, then your
opponents do not really stand a chance. Note: If you choose to Quick Sim all the
matches a result may rarely appear stating that you lost. Save the game after every
two or three matches.

Submitted by: gaurav khanna

hey friends this is a good hind to easily wina trophy in manager mode of fifa 07.
create 2-3 best plyers of everything 99% and send them to a good team say man u or
chelsea and go to manger mode and select the team to which you send those players.
now you can win matches much more easily and if your team is fan favorite then you
can make big transvers and can get billions. like i got 150 millionsbillions by
selling rooney.

Submitted by: Yuganta

Heyy Friends Do u wanna win easy trophies if so the go to tournament and replace all
the 5 star teams with 2 star ones and keep ur team there and quicksim all the matches
and win the trophies

Submitted by: Yuganta

HEyy Friends Do u wanna score easy goals
if then press up + the side u wanna hit goal when u r in lower part of the field and
down+the side when u r in upper side this hint surely works.

Get a Goal from Losing:
at the start of the match score an own goal, then take center, hold square and aim
at oppositions goal you will score 9/10 times from this and afterwards your shooting
accuracy will be improved! (this can only be done in knockout stage of tournament)

Good promising players:
Good promising players that are bought cheap but grow into superstars:
Freddy Adu, Dixon, Kerlon, Nasri, Ben Arfa, Sturridge, Benzema, Bojinov, Walcott,
Aguero, Aisiatti, dos Santos, Claudio.
Note: a must buy is Cloutier, but may only be bought about 7th season like many above.
Be careful and make frequent searches to find stars.
Also check Brazilian teams. they usually have good growing players.

Easier Career Mode In The Future:
1. Create a team with lots of young players (T. Wallcott, C. Tevez, S. Downing,
A. Ferdinand).
2. At the select a team screen in career mode, pick any team and replace it with
the team you made.
3. Throughout the time you manage that team the players will get better (in 5 years
T.Wallcott should go from a rating of 76 right up to about 91)!

World Class Mode made Easy:
To play World Class mode easy, first start of playing Semi-Pro, to Pro, then on to World
Class and it will feel like you’re playing on Semi-Pro after quite a few games. Also, if
you sign ‘Freddy Adu’ from ‘D.C United’ he can dribble and sprint past defenders easy
on World Class mode, if you play him right!

Easy money for manager mode:
For really EASY millions in manager mode,
1st: Create a few player and put all their stats up to 95+ and put the players’ birth
year to 1990.
2nd: Assign the players to the club that you want to be in manager mode and save them.
3rd: Go to manager mode and start a new season, and choose the team with the created
players in it.
Finally: You will be in transfer season already so just put the players that you created
up for sale (they will be around ?20-40 million). And then when they are sold you will
be left with the original team… and lots of money!

3 Goal up FAN Cheer:
When you go 3 goals up at home, pass the ball around and the fans will cheer and go crazy!

Great Start Offs:
On manager mode, you have to pay loads of money for great players. If you want a good
youngster for a medium price, try Theo Walcott, Rafael Sobis or Nilmar.

Clean sheets:
For clean sheets to be credited in season, tournament, Be A Pro Season, manager modes
(everything outside exhibitions), it would be the final keeper present at the end of
a shutout (clean sheet) game. For example, if you start with Edwin Van der Sar in the
first half, Thomasz Kusczak in the beginning of second half, but finish with Wayne
Rooney in goal because Kusczak was red-carded, and the final score was 2-0, Rooney
will be credited with the clean sheet, and not Edwin Vander Sar. Kusczak is ineligible
because he was red-carded. The clean sheet is void if any goals are scored against them.
If any keeper conceded a goal, any substitute keepers in goal will not benefit even if
they didn’t concede any further goals.

Top team:
Submitted by: C.Ronaldo_is_mad


M.Richards(WILL BE OVER 90)
G.Bale(the same to m richards)

Mid-De jong
G.dos santos
R.Van de Vaart(must player always in great form , and a good captain)

Manager Mode:
Submitted by: gameon!

Once you start the Manager mode you need to have some knowledge which players can become
superstars and buy them while they are cheap. Fisrt of all, try to make all the staff
upgrades like Strkiers Coach, goalkeeper coach, etc. to make sure that your players will
be growing with a steady pace. Once your first season is over, go to the transfer window
and sort all the players by age. Once you do it, start looking for extra skills (they
appear right next to the player’s position), once you spot those players, try to buy
them at any cost (they will be your next superstars). Personally, I think that Fernando
Torres is the best striker in the game along with Wayne Rooney. Try to keep your players
fresh (make a lot of subs) so they can grow and not get injured. The only problem
I experience in the Manager Mode is to keep the moral high. Although I win every single
cup, it is hard to sustain the team morale. Anyways, have fun and experiment 🙂
I am a Man Utd fan but I play with Milwall in Manager mode, you get more of the game
when you start with a team from a lower division. I hope that my information was relevant 🙂

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