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Final Days Cheats

Final Days

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where can I find the log files?:
The log files are located here:

%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalLow+7 SoftwareFinal DaysLogs

To easily send me the log files, follow these steps:

* In your Steam library, right-click on “Final Days” and
select “Properties”.
* In the properties window, go to the “Local Files” tab and
select “Browse Local Files”.
* When the “Final Days” folder opens, you should see an application
named “LogUploader”. Double-click this.
* The “Final Days Log Uploader” application should then appear.
* You can optionally enter your e-mail address and any notes you
might want to mention
(e.g. description of the problem, steps to reproduce, etc).
* Click the “Upload Log Files” button to upload your log files to me.

How to host a Multi-player game:
To host an online multi-player game in Final Days, simply follow these steps:

* From the main menu, select: Multiplayer -> Host Game
* Select your desired map and difficulty
* Make sure you set the game type to public
* Set the desired max players (the maximum possible depends mainly on the
upload speed of your internet connection)
* Start the game
* Your friends should now be able to join your game.
(it should appear in the join game list)

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