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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Cheats

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Nose Honk:
To the left, note the Celebrate poster, like you may recall from the first
game. Click on New Freddy’s nose and it will make the same sound effect as
you heard in the previous game when performing that action.

Flashlight While Wearing the Mask:
Hey it’s a pretty well known trick and it’s not TOO useful, but it does help a
little I guess. If you hold down CTRL (the flashlight) while you equip the mask,
or before equipping it, it allows you to still use the flashlight while wearing
the mask. WARNING: If you release the control button while wearing the mask, the
flashlight cannot be activated again until the mask is taken off again.

Main menu gold stars:
Successfully complete the indicated task to have the corresponding gold star
appear at the main menu:

First star : Successfully complete Night 5.
Second star : Successfully complete Night 6.
Third star : Successfully complete the Custom Night with every A.I. level set to 20.

Phone messages:
Listen to the phone messages to get hints and background information about the story.
A different message will play each night.

If an animatronic is staring at you from a vent, immediately wear the Freddy mask,
then listen for them to leave. Because your vision is restricted in the mask,
listen for the thumps that mean the animatronic has departed.

If you see the animatronics in the hallway, you are not in immediate danger. The
hallway leading to the security office is long, and the animatronics will appear
there often. Using the Freddy mask has no effect unless the animatronics are in
your office.

Music box:
Always try to have the music box wound up to contain the Puppet. Wind it up remotely
from camera 11. The Puppet can appear anywhere and is not affected by the Freddy mask.
If the music box runs down and the present box in the gift area is open with the
Puppet appearing, you can still wind the music box to keep him at bay. However, if
the present box is open and the Puppet is not visible, your time is limited.

Monitoring the cameras is not that essential. Keeping track of the large number of
animatronics is not that important. Camera 11 is the most important camera, as it
monitors the Puppet and the music box. Keep it wound and watch the all that leads
to the office.

When you static, it indicates that Mangle is close. Mangle likes to crawl along the
ceiling, and often is not visible. Wear the Freddy mask until the static stops.

Balloon Boy:
Balloon Boy does not attack you directly, but will disable your security monitor
and flashlight. His giggling also attracts the animatronics. Wear the Freddy mask
when he appears in the vent.

Win Any Night:
Click and hold Toy Freddy’s nose, as pictured on the “Celebrate!” poster. Now
press and hold C+D and press the + button on your keyboard’s number pad. You’ll
immediately complete that night.

Unlock the 6th and 7th Nights:
From the title menu, press C+D+1 to unlock the 6th night, and press C+D+2 to unlock
the 7th night (also known as the custom night).

Skip Current Night:
During a night, press C, D, and + (The one on the number pad) at the same time
to instantly skip the current night. This works at anytime through the night
(Except being jumpscared) and works on all nights/custom night modes.

How the 11 Animatronics Work & How to Beat Them:
Written by Pagreance

I will help you know how the animatronics work so you will know how to beat them.

Hey everyone! In this guide, I’ll give you some information on the animatronics, and
also how to beat them! So sit back, relax, and remember when you read it!

-=Toy Freddy | Withered Freddy=-
He sometimes appears in the hallway. When he gets in the office, use your mask, if
you don’t wear your mask fast enough, you’re greeted with a jumpscare.

-=Toy Bonnie=-
He appears on the right vent. Use your mask to get him away. Unlike the others crawling
through the vents, he gets in the office and looks at you first before leaving.

-=Toy Chica=-
She appears in the hallway in early nights before Old Foxy took her place in the
hallway, although, she doesn’t get in the office from the hallway, but the left vent.
Check on the left vent, if you see her, put on your mask and wait for her to go away.
It might take some time, but it’s worth not getting jumpscared by her.

She appears from time to time from the right vent like Toy Bonnie. You don’t need to
check on the right vent to see him there, you can just listen to her noise and put on
the mask. When the noise stops, it indicates Mangle has left. He also appears from
the hallway, sometimes with Old Foxy. When she gets in the office, he doesn’t leave
the ceiling because of her noise, because of this, just consider the fact that you’re
indeed screwed.

-=Withered Bonnie=-
Old Bonnie: He frequently appears in the hallway, but he gets in from the left vent.
He sometimes appears with Old Foxy like Mangle does. He appears frequently in your
office, so you need to put on your mask everytime you put down your security tablet

-=Withered Chica=-
She doesn’t appear in the hallway, even in the right vent, but she appears in the
security cameras and when she gets in your office, she’s like Old Bonnie.

-=Withered Foxy=-
He’s a tricky animatronic to get away. He doesn’t appear in security cameras (rarely
in the Parts & Service room though.), but from the hallway. Like the Phone Guy said,
“shine your flashlight at him from time to time,” do a few ticks from the music box
and then shine your flashlight at him again. Don’t over-do it, otherwise your
batteries will run out.

-=Balloon Boy=-
He’s first placed in the Game Area, but once he’s more active in later nights, it’s
important to keep him away. Because when he gets in the room, he doesn’t jumpscare
you, but jams your flashlight, preventing you from shining your light at Old Foxy,
making him jumpscare you everytime. So wear your mask, like Toy Chica, it might take
some time, but it’s worth not trying to get your flashlight jammed, followed by Old
Foxy jumpscaring you.

He doesn’t do anything, he only does when you don’t wind up the music box. There’s
no way to put him back in his box like Foxy returning in Pirate Cove after closing
the door at him from the original game, like Mangle in the office, just consider the
fact that you are indeed screwed.

-=Withered Golden Freddy=-
He rarely appears in your office. He appears like a ghost like in the original game.
Just wear your mask so he could go away ghostly. If you don’t, he will jumpscare
you headless, abruptly approaching the whole screen.

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