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Flannville Cheats



Item locations:

Series Items Location
Peppermint – Curtains – Dig by rock near House 9
Peppermint – Rug – Dig in transparent tree by House 19
Peppermint – Painting – Dig in tree corners by House 4
Peppermint – Chair – Dig between House 10 and 11 “bar”
Peppermint – Chair – Buy from person for 1000
Misc. – Money Rug – In pit by the unnumbered rock house
Misc. – Holo-rug – Dig in tree circle by House 22
Pets – Shadow Crab – Catch the butterfly in the river
Pets – Jumbo Fish – Get 20+ Kindness points (Spunk’s Mall)
Pets – Jumbo Python – Get 50+ Kindness points (Spunk’s Mall)
Pets – Jumbo Rock – Get 200+ Kindness points (Spunk’s Mall)
Wallpapers – Pack 1 – Dig on X by House 3

Change flan type:
Submitted by: Chris Ross

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a
backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor
to edit the “ftype” file in the “C:” folder. Put in one to
four lines of a single 1 and one blank line at the bottom for
different flans.

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