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Ford Racing Cheats

Ford Racing

Beach Buggy:
Submitted by: Michel David

Type in ‘This Game Sux’ at user name and then race
and you will get a Beach Buggy that goes 500/kph best
handling and looks cool + unlimited money.

All Cars:
Use “GIMMEGIMME” as your player name

Invisible Car:
Start a new career and enter “Mark Martin” as a name.
Go to the first race in KA series and do qualifiying and
then the race. Your car will be invisible

Slow down opponents:
To slow down opponents in either standard, elimination, and duel races,
push into the back side of them while next to them. If they begin to
turn away from you, stop turning or you will start spinning. This trick
works best by pushing into the bed of trucks on the off-road levels,
and into the Taurus stock cars.

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