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Freddi Fish 2 – The Case Of The Haunted Schoolhouse Cheats

Freddi Fish 2 – The Case Of The Haunted Schoolhouse

Revealing mistakes:
Submitted by: RM

The following mistakes in the game can be seen.
In this game, and all the Freddi fish games made after it, Freddi’s top
fin goes all the way down to her tail. However in Kelp Seed Mystery, her
top fin stops right when it is about to go down. Luther’s appearance also

The following mistakes in the game’s continuity can be seen.

*When Freddi presents the toys to Mrs. Croaker and the guppies, the
writing on the blackboard disappears in one shot (where Mrs. Croaker
says “You found the guppies’ toys!”).

*When Freddi and Luther first enter the school basement where the ghost
went, Luther is far behind Freddi. We do not see him get any closer, but
when we see the ghost with Luther’s toy he is directly behind Freddi.

*When Freddi and Luther first find the book about how to untie a knot,
it is much larger than Freddi. In her inventory it is much thicker,
and when they use it on the rope, it is back to being thin, but the
picture in the center with a knot on it grows, or the area around it

Factual errors:
The following factual errors can be seen.

*The game calls the children “guppies.” However real young guppies are
extremely small, almost too small to be seen.

*In the living room, when you click on the light, a turtle will come and
pull the string and the light will go on. If this is actually a house
that sunk into the water, the light should not be going on because the
power lines came loose.

*In the hall there is a clickpoint of a shell that is all curled up, that has
an electric bell ringer beside it. If you click on it, it turns out to be a
school bell. However, a bell ringer hitting a shell would sound different
than a school bell, and would be more of a hollow knock than a clang.

*The life preserver goes down even though it is full of air. A life preserver
full of air would rise rather than go down, even if it was stuck on coral or
a statue. The only exception would be water pressure, however there are no
water currents in or near the area, except for the one down by the old ruin,
which is nowhere near the life preserver.

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