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Ghost of a Tale Cheats

Ghost of a Tale

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Duinlan and Hythe’s Urns (Location Guide):
Written by Keko

A location guide for finding all of the 10 urns that contain remains of Duinlan
and Hythe in the “Vessels of the Gilded Warrior” quest.

The enviroment design is non-linear, so there is a multitude of ways to get from one
point to the next and multitide of orders in which these urns can be found, so I just
picked one at random.

#1 (Duinlan) – At the archway with skulls that leads to the platform room

From the start of the Catacombs go straight down through the pressure plate gates and
all the way to the end of the hallway.
Turn left at the skeleton lying on some ripped, red cloth.
Turn left at the next crossing, to the path which descends downwards.
Turn left again and look behind the rocks immediately on the left, in front of the archway
with skulls in it.

#2 (Duinlan) – On one of the platforms inside platform room

From the urn #1 go through the archway with skulls until you reach the large room with
platforms. You can jump from platform to platfrom here, but it’s very tricky and requires
some precision, so make sure you save the game before attempting this.
The urn is on the platform with some skeletal remains.
Continue jumping forwards until you reach the end of the platform room and ascend the stairs.

#3 (Hythe) – In the corner of one of the loculi/shelves with skeletal remains

From the start of the Catacombs go straight down through the pressure plate gates and all the
way to the end of the hallway.
Turn left at the skeleton lying on some ripped, red cloth.
Go straight at the next crossing.
Just ahead, before the room with 2 worms, will be a skeleton on the ground. Y
ou can find the urn right next to him.

#4 (Hythe) – Past the room with 2 worms, across the red paw banner

From #3 keep going ahead through the room with 2 worms in it.
Outside of the room on the other side you will find a Red Claw flag and a casket.
The urn is right across them.

#5 (Duinlan) – At the entrance to The Great Hall, behind rocks

Go to The Great Hall where you can find a ladder that drops down.
The urn is just at the entrance of The Great Hall, behind some rocks on the left, above
the ladder the leads down.

#6 (Hythe) – In the room that has descending stairs with Death Tongue mushrooms

From the beginning of the Catacombs go right just before the pressure plate gaes, through
the narrow passage and into the room that has the stairs with Death Tongue mushrooms.
Ignore the stairs and go towards the other exit.
The urn is opposite of the archway that leads out of the room, tucked behind some rocks.

#7 (Duinlan) – Given by Duinlan when speaking with her

This is the one that Duinlan gives you in The Great Hall when you speak with her for the
first time and the quest starts.

#8 (Duinlan) – In the Lower Hall, after speaking with magpie

You can only access this urn once you have spoken with the magpie again in The Great Hall,
during the main quest.
Once you descend to the Lower Hall, using the blue flame chandelier, and cross the drawbridge,
drop down the ladder that leads to the large, round hall with 3 spiders. There should also
be a barrel here, where you can save.
The urn is located in some rubble just outside of the entrance to the large hall with 3

Again, these can be done in any order. The numbering is random.

#9 (Hythe) – Inside the large chapel with worm, on the shore

This one is located on the Shore, inside the larger chapel with 1 worm.
Once you get right of the worm, the urn is right behind it in some rubble.

#10 (Hythe) – In the cave that connects Northern Slopes with Harbour

Go to the Northern Slopes and the cave that connects that area with the Harbour.
As you walk down to the Harbour you will reach an open cliff to your left.
From the cliff you should be able to see the urn as shown in the picture.
It is safe to drop down from the cliff on the platform below, from where you can
reach the urn.

Fatale’s Secret (Potion Item Locations):
Written by FlukeRogi

Item locations for Fatale’s quest, “Fatale’s Secret”.

-=Three Headed Acorn
Location: courtyard – east side

At the east side of the courtyard (the side with the large portculis), the acorn is on
the ground near the bottom of the long stone steps that lead up into the fort.

-=Beetle Eggs (x2)
Locations: courtyard – above the skappbeetle pen, courtyard – watchtower

For the first lot of eggs, climb onto the cannon next to where Silas keeps his
skappbeetles, and then up onto the nearby roof to find them.

For the second lot of eggs, take the steps near Silas up into the watchtower and
make your way up the spiral staircase to the top. The eggs are in the window next to
the chest.

-=Crimson Mushrooms=-
Locations: courtyard – secret passage, sewers – torture room, sewers – dead spider alcove

From the cell next to Gusto and Fatale, push the barrel aside and take the secret tunnel.
Head straight foward until you can turn left, and you’ll find the mushroom.

In the sewer torture room, the mushroom is in the hanging cage containing the skeleton.
Just throw a stick or a bottle at the cage to make it drop to the floor.

The last mushroom is in the cobweb covered alcove with the dead spider (this is in the same
cavern that contains the entrance to the torture room, Climb some rubble and burn the webs
with a candle to get to the mushroom.

17 Roses Locations:
Written by Keko

A guide to finding all of 17 roses in “Flowers For Merra” quest.

#1 – In Tilo’s cell, on the bed that Tilo wakes up on at the very beginning of the game.
#2 – At the iron bars, on top of the stone rubble in Tilo’s cell.

#3 – On the well in the center of the courtyard.
#4 – At the top of the ruined tower above smithy.
#5 – Outside the window above small enclosed area with broken canon.
#6 – On the window above a chest and a book stand.
#7 – Carrot garden, northwest corner between staircase entrance that leads to the
Courtyard and a door that connects garden with Armoury Staircase.
#8 – At the beginning of stairs that lead down to Gusto and Fatale’s cell.
#9 – On the ramparts next to the door that leads to Far Tower.
#10 – Next to the door below where the ramparts guard patrols.
#11 – As you pass through the doors that connect courtyard ramparts with the Far Tower,
turn right and up the stairs to the small cot with a bed.
The rose is just outside cot doors.

-=Far Tower=-
#12 – On top of the stairs leading to the large gates of the Clarion tower ruins.
#13 – Inside the Clarion tower ruins, on the ruined staircase. Note: This location is
accessible only after you discover who “The Master” is.

-=Northern Slope=-
#14 – On the arches by the stairs at the start of the location.

#15 – On the ruined arches overlooking the sea.
#16 – On the ruined arches close by the barrel you can save in.
#17 – On the walls of the large chapel with a worm inside.

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