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Ghostship Chronicles Cheats

Ghostship Chronicles

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Rules:
Written by Bonegrinder.

1. If your health is below 100, the game will auto-use Health Kits.
Only when you are at maximum health can you grab one.

2. If your armor is below 200, you can grab an Armor Shard.

3. Some items will auto-pickup by running into them or onto them.

4. Health Stims can only be auto-pickup.

5. Ammo magazines will auto-pickup if you have the gun and if it’s reserve is
not at maximum. If you lack the gun or the reserve is at maximum, you can
manually pick them up.

6. Grabbing a gun or melee, will automatically place it in your hands, if you
have available weapon slots available. Otherwise it is placed in your backpack.

7. You can recover Landmines, but it is risky. You run up to it and hammer the
interact button, and it “should” deactivate. My personal recommendation is to
only place a landmine if you believe an ambush is coming, otherwise, I usually
kill myself when I try to deactivate it, roughly 50% of the time.

Weapon Locations:
This is fairly spoilery!

Okay, so you want to know the locations of the weapons, here you go:

Level 1 = Combat Pistol, Fire Axe, Laser Rifle G2.
Level 2 = Combat Shotgun.
Level 4 = Laser Rifle G1, Laser Rifle G3.
Level 7 = Battle Rifle.
Level 8 = SMG.
Level 9 = Advanced Shotgun or Sniper Rifle (Kept Valenco alive).
Level 10 = Laser Rifle G2, Flamethrower, Minigun, Sniper Rifle / Advanced Shotgun.

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