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Giza Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Start the game.exe using following command(s):

Parameter Effect
-unlocklevels – Unlocks all levels
-unlockstages – Unlocks all stages

The full commandline should look like this (without quotation marks):
“game.exe -unlocklevels -unlockstages”

In game you’ll have access to all stages & levels (click to activate)

Submitted by: jennifer

To pass giza you have to trade something for a turban then tha ninja who hits
you gives you a shovel and there is a phone# on the shovel you put it in your
cell phone then vince tries to find his phone you click on his bookbag and
you get a moonstone you climb the sphinx and put the moonstone in the ring.
The you get in and you have to put all these little lines like —- then you
jump on top of it.you go into a room with blocks and you have to put them
like the pictures on the wall. The a hole in the wall will open up you go in
and you get on the white floor then you jump on the pictures on the wall when
you get in and you do it from bottom to top then that is all i got.

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