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God Eater 3 Cheats

God Eater 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How To Use Burst Arts:
Burst Arts are special techniques that alter your techniques so long as you have
Burst activated. These are reminiscent of Blood Arts from previous entries, but
you can now have up to three BAs equipped — one for ground, aerial and step (dash)
— at one time — instead of the previous one.

These can be applied to essentially any of your regular attacks, so all you really
need to do is find which ones work for you and stick with them. If you do, they’ll
eventually increase in power and you’ll unlock new ones to pummel Aragami with.

How Do I Use Them?:
Outside of being in Burst, the most important thing to know about using Burst Arts
is that they essentially modify a weapon’s base attacks. They don’t need unique
button inputs or anything like that — just press the same buttons as you before.
For instance, Lunar Rage modifies Moon Storm, so simply press L1+Square to pull
it off. Meanwhile, Apocalypse Axe modifies your Raging Moon, so let go of Square
after holding on to it for a little while to let it rip.

It’s also worth noting that some of them have special properties which make them
particularly potent depending on the situation. For example, Apocalypse Axe does
extra damage to an Aragami who has been downed (such as when you break one of
their body parts).

God Eater 3 players will get a brief introduction to the Predator Form of their
God Arc as early as Stage 1. This form allows the character to absorb the power
of the Aragami and enter Burst Mode. Here they’ll deal more damage, move faster,
and get special Aragami bullets. Entering Burst Mode is pretty much the only way
to deal any significant damage to higher level Aragami.

Entering Predator Form is as simple as pressing a button (triangle on PS4), so
the only key is making sure timing is right. The charge-up on the move (even if
done instantly with the shortcut (R1+Triangle) can leave the character very
vulnerable to get hit by a number of strong attacks.

Make sure you space the character a safe distance away from the Aragami – but
close enough that the giant mouth from your God Arc can reach – before activating
Predator Form. Sussing out the situation first to spot any tricky monster attacks
will guarantee safety during this long move. Once its complete and Burst Mode
is activated, feel free to go to town on the Aragami.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks:
Written by FocusManiac

-=Basic Stuff=-
* You can use the Shield dive from gun form, this instantly switches to weapon form.
* You share Burst level with anyone you are engaged with, so you can link burst an
engaged ally to raise your own burst level.
* Any Aragami attack that spreads out from their position like a burst of energy
(as if they exploded) can only hit you once, so if you get hit or block it the
first time around, you can go for an attack even if the explosion is still there.
* Friendship and Beloved send members of the same/opposite sex into full burst
when you are incapacitated, this does mean level 3 burst.
* No that is not your mind playing tricks on you, this game has jiggle physics.

-=Regarding Ra=-
* Ra(the Ashborn that floats on a sphere)’s Devour can be blocked with perfect
block. Normal block does not work though.
* The beam attack starts with the Ra gathering 2 orbs in front of him, if someone
shield dives into the orbs before the beam fires it will distrupt the attack
(worked once, not tested further).

-=Regarding Nuadha=-
Like Ra, Nuadha’s devour can be blocked by a perfect block, doing so distrupts
the devour attack combo.

-=Aragami Materials=-
Acala From Nuadha
Alycone From Glacial Ra
Angel From Zygote
Arachne From Blast Spider
Argyro From Blast Spider
Avian From Chi-You
Bahamut From Caligula
Bushi From Havakiri
Chimera From Vajra
Corvid From Nemain
Draconic From Gboro-Gboro
Gaoh From Barbarius
Goddess From Sariel
Gore From Barbarius
Gorgon From False Idol
Idol From Fallen False Idol
King From Quadriga
Knight From Borg Camlann
Kubera From Namhaid Nuadha
Mars From Marduk
Mot From Balmung
Muninn From Fallen Nemain
Ogre From Ogretail
Oreb From Nemain
Pardosa From Blast Spider
Pixie From Cocoon Maiden
Ronin From Havakiri
Satori From Nuadha
Serpent From Hannibal
Shrine From False Idol
Simian From Kongou
Sol From Ra
Surtr From Axe raider
Yama From Balmung

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