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Godhood Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips:
Written by Espo_

Here are some general tips to optimize your play-through on
Impossible Difficulty:

Dreaming is Overpowered: The first building you should purchase is the
Night Shrine. Dreams will be invaluable on the Impossible run, and will
often be the deciding factor to win a Sacrament. Build it after the very
first mission and Boost your Dream Points. You should ALWAYS have at
least 3 dream points for every Sacrament to abuse Defy/Evasion on ALL
Disciples. Boosting Ritual is a trap, boost those Dreams and try to
Double Martyr every time!

Martyr Every Chance You Get: Try to Martyr every Sacrament! A good economy
Tradition will yield 1 chest per Sacrament on average. Abusing Martyr can
yield 2 chests per Sacrament. Mixing Martyr with an economy Tradition is
how you progress optimally. If you want, you can save the game and rework
each Sacrament until you pass it with the highest Martyr possible if you
are struggling to complete a run.

Morale is Better: Choose Morale builds whenever possible. It is vastly
superior to Physical in every way imaginable. The final fight in particular
is especially tough for Physical builds without well rounded defensive stats.

Early Tenet Tips: Always pick a Philosophy Tenet first. There are 3
missions between the 1st and 2nd Tenet, which equates to 75 Materials
gained passively from this selection. That may not sound like much, but
it is literally the cost of the gardens & the first temple. Those buildings
are essentially free just from the Tenet selection. +10 Faith or +4
happiness are both wasted at this stage. You do not need to worry about
selecting the 1st Tradition. You have a 50/50 chance of getting the Tradition
you want from your 2nd Tenet chosen after you progress the first day. If
you do not get it, simply reload the latest auto-save and try again. The
Tradition you want from your 2nd Tenet chosen will eventually be available
after progressing the first day.

-=Island Reward Tips=-
* After the first island, take the +4 Development Sparks.
This will help you get the 2nd and 3rd Traditions much faster & is better
than any of the other choices at this stage.
* After the 2nd and 3rd island, ALWAYS choose a Tenet Reward, DO NOT take
the 6 or 8 Development Sparks. Tenets are worth 10 Sparks at this point,
so you get more value by taking an available Tenet as your reward.
* After the 4th island you get 10 sparks, so the choice does not matter.
* After the 5th island you get 12 sparks, so ALWAYS take the sparks.

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