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Golf With Friends Cheats

Golf With Friends

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Glowing ball:
Press L to toggle a glowing golf ball.
Note: The golf ball normally begins glowing after it enters the pyramid
in the “Oasis” level.

Easy “Master Putter” achievement:
Click are registered as shots, even if the ball does not move. Repeatedly
click in this manner as many times as needed.

Easy “Nice shot!” achievement:
On Forest hole 14, aim a few pixels to the left of the bullseye on the
right-most target and drive the ball at full power. It will land next to
the wall opposite the hole. Putt with your strength meter at about 75%
of the way to the first mark, aiming directly at the hole to get an Albatross.

How to Unlock The Secret Achievements:
Written by Denox

I figured out that the only way to unlock the 7 hidden achievements is to set
the game to the beta version “Crash-testing” and lauch the game.

-=How To…=-
#1: Right Click on the game in your library and go to properties.
#2: Once there select the Beta tab.
#3: Select “crashtesting” and close it. This will only work if you are not
in the game.
#4: There will be an update once you switch it that should take 30 secs to
download.. You should now be able to unlock each achievement after
playing a round of hockey on each map.

-=Secret Achievements=-
Achievements include:

* Haunted Hat Trick
* Halloween Area
* Shoot out in the sand
* Oasis
* Penalty shot with pirates
* Pirate Area
* Face off in the forest
* The Forest
* Light the Lamp
* Haunted Area
* Sweet shot
* Candy Land
* Dino defender
* Ancient

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