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Google Earth – Flight Simulator Cheats

Google Earth – Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator:
Submitted by: RM

Press [Ctrt] + [Alt] + A in Google Earth v4.2 and higher to start a secret
flight simulator that takes full advantage of Google’s extensive satellite
imagery. The flight controls are as follows.

Result Key
Increase thrust – [Page Up]
Reduce thrust – [Page Down]
Aileron left – [Left Arrow]
Aileron right – [Right Arrow]
Elevator push – [Up Arrow]
Elevator pull – [Down Arrow]
Rudder left – [Keypad Insert] or [Shift] + [Left]
Rudder right – [Keypad Enter] or [Shift] + [Right]
Elevator trim nose down – [Home]
Elevator trim nose up – [End]
Reduce flap setting – [Shift] + F
Increase flap setting – F
Center aileron and rudder – C
Toggle landing gear – G
Left wheel brake – [Comma]
Right wheel brake – [Period]
Pause simulation – [Space]
Toggle HUD – H

Fly from any airport in the world:
Submitted by: Theo Langenberg
Email: tandlangenberg@optusnet.com.au

You can fly from any airport in the world. Rotate the airstrip to be in the
vertical position on the screen. Zoom right down (2 metres) or less if possible.
Activate Flight simulator and you’ll find that you are sitting on that tarmac.
You should be facing the right way (or else turn 180 degr). Enjoy.

Fake Auto Pilot:
Submitted by: Mike

You can set your Google Earth flight similator on ‘fake’ autopilot. Here’s how:
1. Start Google Earth,
2. orient your view to your desired direction of flight.
3. touch down to ground level anywhere (you don’t need a runway to take off).
4. Start the F-16, go to full throttle and take off using ONLY the flaps, set
to 100 per cent.
5. Once airbourne, lower flaps to 40, and at 5,000 feet, lower to 20 and leave
it there.
Plane will oscillate in altitude and speed before settling in around 30,000 feet
at 520 mph, and will remain locked in a level position left to right. One touch
of the joystick will ruin it. Leave it running for hours and it will stay on your
set course. Happy travels!

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