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Grandia 2 Cheats

Grandia 2

Cheat Codes:
These will enhance the game & movies. Just press the appropriate buttons below:

Key Result
F5 – removes awfully looking shadows
F9 – skips movies
12 – exits game during gameplay. If press twice,will exit to windows

For the ones who have trouble with strong enemies:
Submitted by: Filip P.

After you beat the Eye of valmar,everytime when Millenia pops up, you can use her
“Spellbinding Eye” Technique to block the movement of the monsters.You can use
this on EVERY,monster you like,even on the parts of Valmar!!!But to keep it up
you’ll have to recover some SP in a while!Have fun!!!

Submitted by: Filip P.

* After you get the GranaSaber,before you fight the final battle against Valmar, visit
the “Raul Hills” level in the place that looks like a ruined city.

* There are new monsters there that are called “Devils”,which have damned strong magic
that could kill you right away if you don’t have at least 3000HP,but which also give
a hell of a lot Experience. There are also very cool items like the “Hero’s soul”,
the “Star Egg”, a new skill book and other very cool items.

* But before you go there make sure that you are at least Level 40 before going there
or you will regret ever stepping foot into that place.If you want you can also train
there after getting these cool items,and after that even the final battle will be
much easier. Oh,and by the way if you see that they are charging up their magic, try
to cancel it, because if you are a little low on HP,they’ll kill you,because their
magic is damned strong(to be exact,it does about 2250-2600 damage points).

Alternate game:
Successfully complete the game once, then play again. New items will appear in various

Book Of War:
To get the Book Of War, win the Walnut game six times. When you return from the game, they
will give you the Book Of War.

Great items:
When you get to Roan’s hometown, go to the sailor’s house. When you play arm wrestling and
win, he will give you information. Then with Millenia, play again and he will have great items.
Win to get them.

Special stage:
To get to the special stage, when you get Roan (King Roan) to be part of your team, exit the
Palace. When you get out, there are two places to go to, Raul Hills and the King Roan’s palace
place in the south. Go to Raul Hills. When you arrive, “Special Stage” will appear.
You can train yourself until you are ready to leave.

Quicker fights:
Level up your beginning moves, such as Ryudo’sTensaiken Slash, Elena’s Impact Bomb, etc.
By doing so, using your fully leveled up moves should put you at the Act point on your IP
gauge, causing you to surpass your enemies turn. You should also be able to push your enemies
back to the beginning of the IP gauge with your move. If done correctly, you can prevent your
enemy from attacking and continuously surpass your enemies turn.

Rual Hills 1 ruins:
When entering Raul Hills 1 ruins special stage with the devils, make sure you have saved the
game. Also, equip some Revival Gems to all of your characters so that if one of the devils
does the “BA-BOOM” move, your party will take about 4,500 damage. The items you can find here
are Sonic Belt (+40 ACT), Fairy Egg (no attack spells), Blackquartz Helm, Soul of A Hero
(carrying it doubles experience earned), and another item that doubles SP earned.

For Enhanced movie viewing & viewing ALL movies:
Put cd 2 in CD drive open the VISUAL directory. Inside there are 24 clips (from begining
to ending movie). You can play these clips with the Windows Media Player or any movie
player that plays & uses the extention name. You can also minimize or enlarge it or maybe
experiment with it.

Submitted by: Nguyen Manh Tien

If you want to defeat so very quickly a piece of Valmar, you can attack the piece of Valmar
but not attack anything around this. When you defeat the piece of Valmar, you will win the
battle so very quickly.

Defeating Melfice:
When facing Melfice the first time, equip the Pirates Ring from the first book and get to
five stars. Go to Raul Hills and fight the green lizard enemies. If you are lucky, you will
get a Power Seed. Get 50 or more and use them on Ryudo. Fight Melfice and put up your strength.
You will be able to hurt him. Once you kill him, he will die but the game will still continue
to the next screen where it looks like you lost. It is a good challenge.

Defeating Bosses:
Power up your special move that you have had since the beginning of the game. For example,
Ryudo’s Tenseiken Slash. Power it up to the maximum and you will have a better chance of

Easy “X Marks the Spot” achievement:
Adjust the compass at the beginning of the game.

Easy “It’s a Family Thing” achievement:
Have Mareg use Decoy and defend during the entire battle in conjunction with defensive items.
Have everyone else attack Melfice’s support parts.

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