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Grandpa Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide (Full Walkthrough):
Written by Pris

-=Notes and Tips=-
Progress will never get resetted, you can die as much as you want
and you’ll always keep your items.
Dying after picking up an item, will make you respawn with that item,
so sometimes dying is faster than making your way back to spawn.
Grandpa will always spawn at basement.
Achievements unlock upon closing the game, they all should come
naturally while finishing the game.

1.Open the cabinet right next to the area where you spawned, green
key will be inside. Grab it (E key).
2.Take the door to your right, go downstairs, then front door to find
an elevator. Drop green key near it (Q key).
3.Now comes the hardest part in the game. Try to sneak around into
the other room in this area, and head downstairs to find the basement.

Note: Be careful here, Grandpa will always spawn in basement
(after each death).

4.Grab the chainsaw.
5.After that, go all the way up to the 2nd floor, going through the
area where you spawned and using the left door this time. You’ll
find a police officer body next to a door and a key, drop your
chainsaw and grab that key. Use it with the door.
6.Grab chainsaw again, then enter the now open room. Use it in the
laser area (holding E key) until it explodes. Drop chainsaw as it
has no use now.
7.Go to elevator area and open the cabinet here to find red key.
8.Return to main room in first floor, open the door with red lock pad.
9.Make your way through this area, until your reach a crossroad.
Take right path. Left path leads to a death. At the very end,
you’ll find a piano and a girl hanging, grab the crowbar.
10.Go all the way back to the elevator area. Once here, use the
crowbar to remove all planks. Drop crowbar and grab the before
dropped green key.
11.Take the elevator (doesn’t matter which button you press, you’ll
always end in the same place).
12.Use green key with the drawer, drop it and grab yellow key.
13.Return to main area, use key on the door with planks.
14.Lastly, make your way back to the area with the piano/crowbar,
but instead of taking the stairs, open the cabinet next to stairs
to find an Axe.
15.Now all you have to do is return to main room and use axe to
remove planks from the door that had a yellow key pad.
And that is, congratulations on finishing the game!

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