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Gray Matter Cheats

Gray Matter

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement Description
A Day in the Rowboat (20 points) – Finished “A Day in the Rowboat” Puzzle Set.
A Message from Laura (20 points) – Finished “A Message from Laura” Puzzle Set.
A Plant in the House (20 points) – Finished “A Plant in the House” Puzzle Set.
A Spectral Presence (20 points) – Finished “A Spectral Presence” Puzzle Set.
Altering the Plan (20 points) – Finished “Altering the Plan” Puzzle Set.
Back to the Basics (20 points) – Completed your very first magic trick.
Bittersweet Memories (20 points) – Got your first memory flash.
C Railer Swoll (20 points) – Finished “C Railer Swoll ” Puzzle Set.
Chatty chatty mouth (50 points) – Play 1000 dialogs.
Dread Hill House (20 points) – Finished “Dread Hill House” Puzzle Set.
Fast Play (50 points) – Finish the game under 5 hours.
Gray Mattered (40 points) – Finish the game.
He can be nice too (25 points) – Speak with Mrs. Dalton about the bike.
Houdini’s habitat (20 points) – Finished “Houdini’s habitat” Puzzle Set.
I’m Laura Styles! (20 points) – Finished “I’m Laura Styles!” Puzzle Set.
In the Lab (20 points) – Finished “In the Lab” Puzzle Set.
In the Lion’s Den (20 points) – Finished “In the Lion’s Den” Puzzle Set.
Psi and Psi again (20 points) – Finished “Psi and Psi again” Puzzle Set.
Psi and the Mind (20 points) – Finished “Psi and the Mind” Puzzle Set.
Sam gets carded (20 points) – Finished “Sam gets carded” Puzzle Set.
That Piece of Junk (20 points) – Finished “That Piece of Junk” Puzzle Set.
The Beast Within (100 points) – Finish the game with all bonus points.
The Betrayer’s Price (20 points) – Finished “The Betrayer’s Price” Puzzle Set.
The Experiment (20 points) – Finished “The Experiment” Puzzle Set.
The Game of Life (20 points) – Finished “The Game of Life” Puzzle Set.

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