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Ground Branch Cheats

Ground Branch

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Intel Retrieval PC Locations List:
Some hints to find the intel PC objectives.

* Buildings inside the central compound.

-=Small Town
* Inside buildings.

-=Power Station
* Top floor, Server Room area.
* Ground floor, northwestern block.
* Maintenance tunnel, ladder/hatch section.

-=Storage Facility
* All 3 are in deeper tunnels area.

* Central camp, in one of the barns.
* Cave/tunnel.
* Next to one of the barns in the South.

-=Run Down
* Basement.
* Courtyard.
* Top floor.

* Bridge (top level of the superstructure).
* Console room (level 5 of the superstructure).
* “Valley” section in the middle of the deck.

* Cockpit.
* Luggage hold.
* Hangar.

* Subway, northern area of the platform.
* Travel agency, upstairs.
* Cafe/pub.

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