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Guild Wars Factions Cheats

Guild Wars Factions

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Drop rates:
The drop rate is determined by the number of Henchmen you have with you if you
are the only player. Each Henchmen reduces the drop rate by one-half the normal
drop rate. Therefore, with a group of seven Henchmen and you, the chances of
getting a drop is very slim. Also, when you are with Henchmen the amount of
gold dropped from the enemies is split up between all of the Henchmen and you.

See how fast your machine is actually running Guild Wars.
Right-click on the shortcut on your desktop and go to “Properties”. In the
box labeled “Target”, you will see the path which the shortcut leads to.
Here, after the quotations, type in: –perf.

Before Example: “C:Program FilesGuild WarsGw.exe”
After Example: “C:Program FilesGuild WarsGw.exe” –perf
NOTE: Your’s may be different, depending on where you installed Guild Wars.

When you run Guild Wars and select you character, it should appear in the
top right corner of the screen: “Tri X FPS X Bytes Per Second X”
This data fluctuates as you play, and you can use this to know when to
lower your graphics settings etc.

Item exchange:
Monastery Credits and Imperial Commendations can be exchanged for helpful
items. Exchange Monastery Credits for experience scrolls and sell them for
100g each. Exchange Imperial Commendations for Superior Salvage Kits and
sell them for 800g each.

Easy money:
Make sure you have at least one open character slot. Make a new character.
Once you are in the monastery, do the first quest until you at least get
50g to open your storage account. Once you have your storage account (which
is linked with all your characters), do the first few missions with your
new character. Do all the missions you can with henchs. Once you do as many
as you can with just henchs, take all the gold you earned and deposit into
your storage account. Then, log off and delete the character you just made
and make a new one. You can do this as many times as desired and just keep
depositing the money into your storage account so your main character can
spend the gold from it.

View performance stats:
Start the game with the “-perf” command line parameter.

Easy money and Luxon Faction:
Use the following trick to earn a little bit of money and a lot of Luxon
Faction quickly to transfer or trade it in for Jadeite. Go to or get a run
to Breaker Hollow and get five henchmen. Your profession will determine
which henchmen to take. A good choice would be the two monks, the two
fighters, and the interrupter ranger. Once you have the henchmen, go out
the northern portal. Once it loads you will see a patch of green on your
map. Go there. You may run into a small group of monsters. Kill them and
take their loot. Once you reach the green patch you will notice that it
is a hill. Go up there and be prepared to fight a group of three or four
These are the only creatures that drop Oni weapons. After they are dead,
go up the hill and look to your right. You will find a way down to an NPC
that runs an Arena. You can fight there and get experience, 175 gold, and
400 Luxon faction. Take his challenge and you will go down into the pit.
The enemies are easy, but they all have Resurrection Signet (thus the
reason for the interrupter henchman). After you win, collect your reward
and Map Travel back to Breaker Hollow. Repeat this to get a lot of Luxon
Faction without have to spend time looking for a group for quests.
There is always the chance of finding chests and gold items because of
the low number of members in the party.

Easy Way To Finsh Save The Child:
An easy way to save the child is to stand where you got the Quest and yell
out “Saving the Child.” People will want to be on a team with you.
Make sure you have at least 2 lvl 20 guys it will help.

Help The Child Quest:
Help the child is one of the Hardest Quest So Stand Where you get the quest
and yell out ” Help the child”. Make sure level 20 want to join your team and
you will do it in a since.

Recover death penalty:
If you complete a quest while not inside a town and have a death penalty, the
majority, if not all of it, will be removed when you complete the quest and
receive you reward.

Death Count:
Type /death to see how many times you have died.

Hours Played:
Type /age to see how many hours you have played.

Easter Egg: Joke Language in Language Menu:
Open up the Menu, go to Options, and open the language menu. Here you will have
your standard languages (English, French, German, etc.) and at the bottom there
will be a joke language placed by the Developers called Bork! Bork! Bork!
After using this language, everything will be in english lettering, but with
strange spelling. You can undo this by reversing the process.

Good Profession Combos:
-Anything/Monk (live longer because of Monk’s healing powers)
-Warrior/Ranger (you would be both good in melee and ranged combat)
-Necromancer/Monk (heal your minions)
-Ranger/Assassin (if you get caught in a corner after luring you can teleport out)

Recommended builds:
The following is a decent Assassin primary Ranger secondary build. Max out the
critical strikes and marksmanship attributes to maximize the chances of a critical
hit while using a bow. Equip the skills Critical Defenses, Critical Eye, Way Of
Perfection, Shadow Refuge, Barrage, and Read The Wind. Any open skill slots can be
whatever other skills desired. When fighting, activate Critical Defenses and Critical
Eye. Critical Defenses will refresh with every Critical Hit you land. You will rarely
have to re-cast it during a fight. Then, just Barrage groups of enemies. If you have
a mask that gives +1 to critical strikes equipped, you will gain +3 energy per critical
hit which means Barrage will give you +3 to +18 energy per use.

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