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Guns And Robots Cheats

Guns And Robots

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy “Grim Reaper”:
Use a high damage weapon such as the Necro or Slingshot/Raligun, and do
not miss your target.

Easy “Living Apokalypse” achievement:
Have four Slingshots (recommended, due to less noise) or Railguns.
Upgrade them to tier 4 and use them with a medium body.

Easy “Mobile Artillery” achievement:
You will need to deal maximum damage to all five opponents. Use two guns with
splash damage (Oxidian, Chewing Gum, Humiliator, Hailfire) at tier 5 with
light body in order to move quickly. Have Nuclear Shot all the time so you can
constantly shoot. Also use Cloak for stealth.

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