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Gunz The Duel Cheats

Gunz The Duel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Change chat text color:
Type ^[number] (where the value is a single digit number) to change any text that follows
to a different color.

Ruins map:
Get over level 11, then play on a level 11 and over channel.

Castle map:
Get over level 21, then play on a level 21 and over channel.

Dungeon map:
Get over level 21, then play on a level 21 and over channel.

Berserker mode:
Get over level 21, then play in an Expert channel.

Butterfly with sword
Press [Jump] [Dash] [Slash] then press [Dash] shortly afterwards.

Ambushing opponents:
When you see an enemy, shoot a few bullets at them. They come towards you, trying to kill
you. Stay where you are, and quickly equip yourself with a sword. Just before they reach
you, quickly jump out and start hacking them with your sword (right clicking recommended).
They will be too stunned to effectively hit you, and you can get an easy kill.

Extend Lunge (Dagger):
This is a pro dagger move. To do it you need to dash and before you see the lines
lunge:W, W, Right Click.

Swap Shot:
Swap Shot only works with non-rapid guns (for example, pistols or shotgun). To use
Swap Shot equip any of the following combinations: Pistol + Pistol, Pistol + Shotgun,
or Shotgun + Shotgun. Your mouse also must have a scrollwheel in the middle. If you
do not, you can use 2 and 3 but it is harder. When in battle, use you first pistol.
Hold the Left Mouse Button. After the first shot, scroll down to your next gun.
After that shot, scroll back up to the first gun. Do this repeatedly until your
guns run out of ammo.
Note: This move is part of K-Style, a technique used amongst the pros.

Easy kills:
When playing in solo deathmatch, find two people fighting. Wait for a few seconds
for them to weaken each other, then kill one (or at least do some damage to him),
and then the other. if they are close together, throw a grenade. This should kill
them both, as they should be weakened. When you have a chance, using the sword right
click to slash your opponent into the air. When they fall to the ground, they will
stay there for a few seconds. Quickly equip any gun and shoot your opponent while
he or she is on the floor. When they are on the floor, it only takes about three
shots to kill them, even using the Raven 50 pistol.

Avoid knockdown from swords:
If you time a jump at the height of the sword’s upward knockdown attack, you can
perform a back flip and land on your feet, much to the surprise of the attacker.
However the dagger is harder to recover from. You must be hit off an edge to
perform the flip.

Doing “moon walk”:
Note: this can only be used when holding a sword.

First step : slash.
Second step : block.
Third step : wait for 2 second.

Then move around. your character should be doing moon walk now. To do moon walk + dance,
simply press 0 after u do moon walk.

Eazy kill eazy exp:
If u are lvl 11+ u can get “berzek+deathmatch”mode create a room thats berzek+
deathmatch and make the number of number of players the max and get a nice name
for it and pros then use mansion for the map if u realise every one will go for
the berzeker and every one will fight for it so stay hidden untill some people
get damage and then kill the all this is a best way 2 earn alot of bounty and
exp i became lvl 47 doing this hope u lvl.

Dagger noob:
You all know what it is, get a dagger and do one of these:

* Knock on floor move thingy (right-click) then shoot the body til they die.
* melee noob: when someone trys to shoot you stand next to them and left-click really
quickly so they cant attack… well…
* be a skillful dagger user, everyone knows how to wall cancel so use that with daggers
to kill then you can claim not to be a noob.
P.S. daggers are really good wepons for moving attack+dash=dashwalk 😀 onyl for

There are various techniques involved with K-style.

(BF) Butterfly: [Jump] [Dash] [Slash] [Block].
(DBF) Double Butterfly: [Jump] [Slash] [Block] [Dash] [Slash] [Block].
(SS) Slash Shot: [Jump] [Dash] [Slash], switch to gun, [Shoot], switch back to sword.
(RS) Reload Shot: [Shoot], reload and switch to other gun at the same time, [Shoot].
(HS) Half Step: [Jump] [Dash] [Slash], switch to gun shoot, dash in a new direction,
switch to sword.
(HHS) Half Half Step: [Jump] [Dash] [Slash] [Dash] [Jump] [Shoot].
(RHS) Reload Half Step: See RS and HS.

This move is only available when you have a melee weapon selected (dagger, sword,
kodachis). Simply tap a movement key twice to dash in that direction. For example,
if you wanted to dash forward, you would quickly tap W twice. Dashing propels you
forward a short distance. After you finish the dash, you can double-tap to dash
again and again as much as you want.
You can dash in the air and on the ground. If you have a dagger, you can also attack
while you dash.

Easy kills:
Go to naked games and use rockets or breakers. The Avenger works also well if you have
good aim. Generally, naked games are in the castle map (must be over level 21). There
is a tunnel on one side of the bridge. Many people normally fight there, and there is
nowhere to hide if it is full of people. Kills will be quick.

Boss item combinations:
In order to access the Boss of an area, contribute the following sets of items.

Superion the Tainted : Large Skull, Skeleton Doll
Anameron the Wicked : Mysterious Skull, Skeleton Doll
Lich : Devil’s Dictionary, Enormously Huge Skull

Giant Lizardman : Platinum Earring, Gold Earring
Golem : High-Class Gear, Kobold Doll

Goblin King : Crimson Necklace, Goblin Skull

At the start of the game, hide behind a wall where your enemy cannot see you, but you
can still see them on your screen. Throw a grenade not far from you, then hide behind
the wall again. When they move towards you, and are just a few steps away, jump out
again and attack them with your sword.

Infinite quest king:
Go in any server cr8 room put the mode of the room quest…then put pg 13 wait for
2-4 people to go in.ask one of them to spam rdy..then when u press start game and see
the pg 13 burning, u scroll down and change the mode to traning.when u are questing,
ask all of them not to die.u go game room, put one more pg 13, then go lobby, log out
to quest servers. Go back in the same server u went and then ask those people in the
game room juz now to die. Then when u go in the room u need not be a master. juz ask
them to start the game and after the quest finish, the pg 13 is still there!!!when
u completed the quest, juz start game you need not repeat thw whole thing again.

Another hint to summon goblin king!:
Submitted by: lim ming hui
Email: limminghui98@gmail.com

you need goblin skull annd goblin doll to summon fake goblin king!

How to hunt goblin skull and dolls?:
Submitted by: lim ming hui
Email: limminghui98@gmail.com

Create a quest mode room then put a tornpage13 and wait about 3 or 4 people
(recommended), then you press start button! during the quest hunt the goblin and get
the bronze-box at the 4th and 5th stage then you will get either goblin skull or

Easy kills:
When you have a chance, using the sword right click to slash your opponent into the air.
When they fall to the ground, they will stay there for a few seconds. Quickly equip any
gun and shoot your opponent while he or she is on the floor. When they are on the floor,
it only takes about three shots to kill them, even using the Raven 50 pistol.

Style Seven:
Submitted by: Lsq27

Style Seven
Direction: W, S, A, D
Jump: Space
Shoot: Left-Click
Stun: Right-Click
Reload: R
Defend: F
Next Weapon: E
Previous Weapon: Q

Style Seven is an evasive tactic like, Wall Jump, Wall Run, Wall Fly etc… The basic attack
is to Jump-Dash-Slash and repeat, it can also be mixed instead by Jump-Slash-Dash and repeat.
This style requires you to only hold onto a Kodachi and Rifle for easier access you already
know your next and previous weapon. The style is made from Strikes (Kodachi) and Crashes
(Rifle) involving numbers (Strike 1, Strike 2 etc…) The point is to train your fingers at
dashing fast and to use them in battle, you may see some familiar moves mixed in to other
combos as well.

-=Basic Manuevering=-
Wall Fly: Jump-Dash-Slash and repeat against a wall and you will continue to stay in the
air, practicing your fingers speed
Wall Climb: Dash-Jump towards a wall and you will run upwards and a flip at the very end
Wall Run: Diagonally Dash-Jump against a wall and you will run on it for a certain amount
of time and you will jump.
Wall Jump: Jump-Jump against a wall and you go upwards, jump sideways and you’ll go farther
to the side

-=Style Seven Move List=-
Strike 1: Jump-Dash-Slash-Dash *The revolving move of Style Seven
Strike 2: Jump-Slash-Dash-Jump *An evasive tactic for Stle Seven
Strike 3: Jump-Dash-Slash-Jump-Dash *A hit and run technique
Strike 4: Jump-Dash-Slash-Stun *A knock up move giving time to run
Strike 5: Jump-Dash-Slash-Stun-Dash-Slash Combo *The full slash technique combined
Strike 0: Jump-Dash-Slash-Stun-Switch-Shoot *The only Strike requiring your rifle
Crash 1: Jump-Tumble-Shoot-Switch *Shoot while tumbling and switch
Crash 2: Tumble-Shoot-Tumble-Shoot-Switch *First tumble back and then forward
Crash 3: Tumble-Shoot-Jump-Tumble-Switch *First tumble foward and then back
Crash Strike Final: Tumble-Shoot-Jump-Switch-Jump-Dash-Slash-Stun-Shoot-Dash-Stun-Slash Combo
*Biggest and confusing combo but instant knockout if pulled off, mixed Strike/Crash

Reload while wall canceling:
If you are switch shooting someone at the bottom of a wall (as in the dungeon or castle
stages), when you press [Slash] and your character moves away from the wall, switch to
your gun (for example, shotgun) and click to reload it. You will probably fall a little
bit, but as soon as you can, dive toward the wall and press [Space] to jump off the wall.
Immediately after your gun finishes reloading, switch back to your sword and start wall
canceling higher up the wall again.

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