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Half Life – Blue Shift Cheats

Half Life – Blue Shift

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Start the game by running the game from your RUN menu with:
“C:GameFolderbshift.exe” -console

Now you can bring down the console command box at any time during
the game with the ~ key (tilde).
Now before loading a map or game, you must open your console and
type “sv_cheats 1” (excluding “”). Alternatively you may place the
command in your “C:GameFolderconfig.cfg” file with notepad, so
it will be automatically set next time you open the game.

You may now use the following commands (excluding “”):

Code Result
“god” – God Mode
“noclip” – NOCLIP Mode : Fly through walls
“notarget” – No Target Mode
“impulse 101” – Gives all weapons
“sv_gravity x” – Adjusts Gravity where when X = 800 the game
uses default gravity and when X = 0 there is
no gravity.
“sv_accelerate x” – Adjusts air acceleration so you move more when
you jump. Default = 10 but increase for more
effective bunnyhopping 🙂
“skill x” – Adjusts skill in-game, 1 = Easiest, 3 = Hardest.
“map x” – Replace X with one of the following maps:

Use one of the following entries with the “map [level name]” code.


The flashlight, on any level, does not always work. If yours does not, make
your screen resolution larger. If this still has no effect, pause game play,
turn it on, and continue that way. Do the same to turn it off.

Jouni, Submitted the following Information:
Email: jouni.pulkkinen@kolumbus.fi

A) Anyone hates mines… And dont want to use grenades (those few what you have).
My hint is, that walk as near as possiple at those walls…
(I dont think that those mines are in the wall…)

B) I dont does this work at all Half-Lifes, but atleast in the Blue-Shift…
For example: If you are behid the truck and your leags are avaible to shoot
under the car… BUT, if you cant see the enemies, the cant see you, if you
duck, they will start to shoot you, THEN, then they can see you…

C) Always, do NOT load your weapons middle of walking… always duck and take
cover when you do that…

D) When you want to shoot an enemy, and you dont want him to see you, duck and
walk slowly as long until you can see “part” of him… (gun, arm, leg… toe…!)

E) If you have an enemy, kill him with taht gun whits takes less ammunicaiton to
kill the enemy..

Kill Dr. Rosenberg and keep playing:
After he says “I just want to get out of here,” shoot him in the head and kill him.
The message “Employee assumed to have perished…” will appear and the screen will
turn black. When the elevator stops, the screen will light up again, but the message
will remain on the screen for a few seconds. Play as long as desired in the lab, but
do not go back up the elevator or kill Simmons or Walter.

Secret box:
Enable the “impulse 101” code. Once you are in the main room, go to the bathrooms
and open your locker. Take out a powerful weapon or a crowbar and crouch down and
start beating (or shooting) the box. After beating the box with a crowbar over 50
times, or shooting it with a laser or some other powerful weapon, it will break open.
There will be a little live alien in the box. You cannot do anything to it except
look at it.

Guard showdown:
Start a new game and before the train stops moving, enable the impulse 101 code.
While the guard is trying to open the locked door, press [F6] to do a quick save.
Get a weapon (pistol or crowbar recommended) ready. When he opens the door, wait
for him to open the door on the other side of the room. Once that is open, shoot
his foot. He will say something similar to “What do you want on your tombstone?”,
etc. and begin to shoot you. He will kill you if you do not kill him first. If
you kill him, you will not get into trouble (and continue playing normally
afterwards). Press [Esc] and load the game that you quick saved. Do the same thing,
and he will say something different. At times, he will not attack. Do not do this
with any other guard — when you shoot them you will be fired for mishandling a
firearm (even if you use a crowbar).

See Gordon Freeman:
* After you finally get in the locked door at the beginning, find the strips on the
walls which will lead you to different areas such as the armory and personal
facilities. Find the one which reads “Video Surveillance”. Follow it to a security
room which will have monitors. Go up to each one of the monitors and press “Use”.
One should show the shooting range, and another will show a female in a hazard suit
pushing a cart. However, one of the monitors will show Freeman arriving at the
Anomalous Materials lab.
He will walk past another scientist who will say “Good morning Gordon”.

* When you just get out of the tram and the guard is having trouble opening the door,
turn around. Eventually, another tram will pass by with Gordon Freeman inside it,
which is the start of Half-Life.

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