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Half-Life – They Hunger Cheats

Half-Life – They Hunger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Enabling the console window:
At the main menu, select “Configurations”< then "Controls". Find the sentence "Use voice communication" then set "V" as the key to bind it to. When you display the console window, you can now type on it. Kill the pilot: --------------- Go to the point where you see the pilot. Go onto the helicopter before the last two Bosses. Enter the god code in the console window, and drop off where the helicopter is located and find the pilot. Just as he is going onto the helicopter, kill him. Stay near the helicopter. If done correctly the "Your rescuer has died" message will not appear, and you can continue. When you go onto the helicopter, wait until you stop and go out of it. Look at the cockpit of the helicopter; the pilot is there again. Alternate Half-Life: -------------------- Type map c0a0 at the console window. You will start on Half-Life with the Half- Life: They Hunger weapons instead of the normal weapons. Some of the enemies are also different. For example, Gman is now the Sheriff. The Scientists are now civilians. Barney looks different, and the head crab zombies are now zombies from Half-Life: They Hunger. When you are playing in this state, the game autosaves when it touches a autosave trigger. The voices are the same. For example, the endgame level on Half-Life with Gman is the Sheriff, but Gman's voice plays on the Sheriff. Note: The Houndeyes on Half-Life are now zombie dogs, however they still use the Houndeye weapon that produces an electric field. Move without the zombie bull: ----------------------------- Enter the impulse 101 code in the console window at the point where you are taken by a zombie bull in a little carriage you cannot escape from. Kill the bull with a powerful weapon. After the bull is dead, you are still moving without a bull taking you. Stuck in police station: ------------------------ Go upstairs towards the three doors. When the lights turn off, use your flashlight and quickly go down the stairs into where you shot the orange buttons. If done correctly, you will hear a hit noise on you then the screen will turn black for a few seconds. The screen will return and you can see again. When you try to go back upstairs, you still do not get caught; you will have to restart to continue. Map names: ---------- Use the following entries with the map [name] console command. Thintro They1 They2 They3 They4 They5 They6 They7 They8 They9 They10 They11 They12 They13 They14 They15 They16 They17 They18 They19 They20 They21 They22 They23 They24 They25 They26 They27 They28 They29 They30 They30a They31 They32 They33 They34 They35 They36 They37 They38 They39 They40 They41 They42 They43 They44 They45 They46 They47 They48 They49 They50 They51 They52 They53 They54 They55 They56 Police Agent: Give monster_barney: ---------------------------------- Submitted by: ryan If you will type the code you get an police agent be carefull the code will only work on the police station escape and the swamp.

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