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Halloween Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Press “~” to open the console and enter one of the following commands:

Code Result
god – Toggle God mode
version – Return game version
map – Load another map (see further on for possible maps)
mapcomplete – Mark the map as completed (putting you at the next map)
noclip – Toggle walking through obstacles
respawn – Toggle monster from respawn
monster – Turn monsters off
developer – Toggle developer mode
record – Start recording a demo
stoprecord – Stop recording a demo
play – Play a recorded demo
stopplay – Stop playing a recorded demo
musictrack – Change the current playing musictrack
prestrack – Last music track played
drawface – Toggle drawing of texture faces
drawtris – Draw the map sections
drawgun – Toggle the drawing of weapons held
drawone – ?
drawportal – Toggle Outlining of portals and doors
drawnormal – toggle Draw wall normals
pview – Toggle 3rd person or static view
drawbound – Toggle highlighting of bound objects
drawcell – Toggle highlighting of individual cells
fov – Change the field of view
jumpstep – Change the jumpstep value
groundacc – Accelleration speed on ground
groundslow – Slowing speed on ground
gravity – Gravity
exit – Quit the game
maxspeed – Maximum moving speed
airacc – Acelleration in the air
airslow – Slowing in the air
soundsys – change current used sound system
bombslow – Speed at which bombs slow
musicvol – Ingame music volume
soundvol – Ingame sound volume
autoswitch – Toggle autoswitch weapons mode
fullscreen – Toggle between full screen or windowed mode
colordepth – Change the current bitdepth
videomode – Change the current videomode
bms – Change bms?
bmd – Change bmd?
statutbar – Toggle the HUD display
animspeed – Animation speed
lightmap – Toggle lightmapping
cullface – Toggle backface culling
renderent – Toggle rendering of entities
directstart – Toggle direct start?
eps – Change eps?
offset – Change offset?
leaf – Change leafs?
noscript – Toggle the scripting in the engine on or off
resetgame – Reset internal game state
saveconfig – Save current config to file
loadconfig – Load config from file
picmip – Change amount of offset pixels during mipmapping
gamma – Change gamma
drawfsp – Show framerate, set to 1 to turn on
invertmouse – Invert mouse control
cvel – Change cvel?
pvel – Change pvel?
prvel – Change prvel?
plook – Change plook?
killdepla – Amount of Depla’s killed
killmorba – Amount of Morba’s killed
killzeubat – Amount of Zeubat’s killed
killsubzerat – Amount of Subzerats killed
killzemummy – Amount of Zemummy killed

Possible maps to use with the commands are:

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