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Halo Cheats


Cheat Codes (Custom Edition):
Update by: Aashutosh

Start the game with the -console -devmode command line parameter. Press ~ during game
play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate
the cheat function.
Note: You cannot enable codes in online games. Also, commonly used commands
can be placed in an “init.txt” text file in the main game directory that also contains
the “halo.exe”. Entries in that file should be made in the same format that they are
entered into the console, and will be activated automatically when the game is started.

Result Code
Toggle instant deaths for enemies that see player – cheat_medusa [0 or 1]
Set game speed – game_speed [0-20]
Clear console window – cls
Toggle unlimited ammunition – cheat_bottomless_clip [0 or 1]
Unlimited ammunition – cheat_infinite_ammo [0 or 1]
Super jumps – cheat_super_jump [0 or 1]
Possess touched character – cheat_bump_possession [0 or 1]
Invincibility – cheat_deathless_player [0 or 1]
Spawn Warthog – cheat_spawn_warthog
Spawn all power-ups – cheat_all_powerups
Spawn all vehicles – cheat_all_vehicles
Spawn all weapons – cheat_all_weapons
Teleport player to current camera position – cheat_teleport_to_camera
Save current camera location – debug_camera_save
Go to saved camera location, away from player – debug_camera_load
List player names and numbers on server – sv_players
Ban indicated player from server – sv_ban [player name or number]
Kick indicated player from server – sv_kick [player name or number]
Send message as **SERVER** user name1 – sv_say [message]
Quit game – quit
bring 20 soldiers with snipper riffle each – comeon_bot

Submitted by: Daminator

In the Campaign ” Assult on the control room” when you reach the point when If I
had A Super weapon comes. Equip your self with a Sniper Rifle. Keep it zoomed. Go
slowly towards the door. When it opens take care of the Elite fast. The look
towards the Banshee. A red Elite will appear. Take him out. Kill all the grunts
and get on the Banshee. Fly to the structure and walla, Instant axcess to the
control room. It will save time. That is if you are in a hurry to get to next
level. Then again doing this will save you time fighting enemies and going through
the chasms and will give you a chance of getting to a Banshee much faster.

Submitted by: mmaylan

In multiplayer, on Gephyrophobia, if you take a banshee, and fall to the floor,
take out a fuel rod gun and shoot downwards just as you get out of the banshee.
If done correctly, you should unlock a cheat profile, and from there, just play
the cheat level after ‘the maw’ to get cheats. THIS IS SO UNOFFICIAL!!!

Killing flugs:
Submitted by: Hebus

Flugs can be killed easy with a chotgun.
Some flugs swell up and explode to give away a horde of enoying
little thingies.
When you shoot one of these swelling flugs they also take oout
there fellow mates when they are close enoug (saves a lot of bullets)

Sometimes you can take out an entire horde of these flogs with one
shot (if yoour lucky)

When following the floting sentinal 5the one with the ennoying lauch),
you’ll meet up hordes of flogs who can be very lethal.
Some hordes keep reappearing at the same spot when you retrait a bit
to have more fighting space, so you get a sort of mexican standoff.
You kill tehm and lose your health, they keep reapperaing. When facing
this, just run forward take out a couple and shoot the remaining that
follow you a bit further.
Your assault weapon is exellent angaisnt the tiny suckers, use the
shotgun against the bigger ones.

Submitted by: John

Type in 11mar and you get 11marines and they have shotguns and full ammo with
the shotgun.

Submited By: Daminator

On the Campaign mission “Two Betrayls” When going down from the control room you
will see that the walls are a bit slanting. So if you want to get to the bottom
really fast try sliding on it. Just remember keep pushing towards the wall, you
don’t wanna die just for nothing do ya. And who in the name of God wrote that
cheat about Gephyrophobia, take my word it DOESN’T work.

Submited by Daminator

If you want to see a real fight between the Covenant and The Flood, go towards
the flood. If they don’t come towards you draw their attention. Lure them to
where the Covenant are, then get away and enjoy the action. This is more Helpful
in the harder levels and works mostly in the level Keyes.

Submitted by: venom

Theres a way to get to the top of the level Sidewinder. First u get a warthog
perfurably the rocket one u drive throught the tunnels once u get past the first
one and come out ofthe tunnel theres an opening u keep driving and u come up to
a straight tunnel that u can look through. U drive inside it and turn around the
warthog so its horizontal in the tunnel bak it up the farthest u can. Jump out
and jump out on top of the gun as far back as u can through a grenade infront of
the vehicle this should cause the front to fly up and knock u up on top u cant
fall off except for the 2 holes u can fall down those u should have a sniper
rifle its much easier to kill them from up there.

Submitted by: talon briley

Get wathog on top base- get 2 frag gernades 1 rocket launcher and park the warthog
up against the base in BloodGulch and throw a frag quickly shoot the rocket under
the wart hog the u should be up on top the base (ATTN:Lots of trys are required
to make it on top base)

Mythic skull:
To find the skull you must do the level “sacred icon” on legendary on the part
where you jump down the piston and the room is really dark and there is a shit-
load of flood and boxes you jump to the next highest level using a stack of
boxes you will find when you go into the light anyway you will find a dead
flood body up there next to the skull.

Submitted by: KYLE

To get 5000 exp every battle press Control + Alt +f1+5 and you will get 5000
exp after your next battle.

Drunk Grunt:
On the last level of Halo when you’re in your warthog and driving past where
the pelican crashes, there will be tunnels on either side of the road. The
last one will have a doorway open on the side of it. Go down the door and get
out. There will be a grunt there talking about beer and acting drunk. He will
not shoot at you. There should be a bunch of dead bodies all around him as well.

Secret song:
In the level Assault On The Control Room, when you get to the land bridge
overlooking the control room, make a mad dash to the banshee, shooting the
elite about to go in it to distract it. Get in it and kill all of the covenant
forces in the area because they get VERY annoying. Fly to the second little
bridge-like thing circling the tower. land going left of the control room. Go
right and stop at the edge. DON’T jump onto the drop off part or you will not
be able to get out even if you kill yourself. Now just sit back and enjoy the
piano solo.

Streets Of Earth City: Nuclear signs:
There are two signs in the map that will kill everyone nearby if they are shot.
One is on the central tower, and the other is in the place where you find the

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the last level of the game in campaign mode under the
legendary difficulty setting. The new ending features a human and alien fighting
hand to hand. The human will say “Its over”, and then they hug because they know
the explosion will kill them both. Also, the FMV sequence of each battle scene
will be slightly longer.

Streets Of Earth City: Find Lifepod:
There are two ways to find the Lifepod. One is to fly around under the map until
you find the place in one of the pillars. Another is to use a teleporter on the
side of one of the towers. Note: To use the teleporter, you must use a Banshee
and get out while directly in front of the teleporter.

Multi-player mode catapult:
Go to a level that supports vehicles. The following weapons are requred: a plasma
grenade, fragmentation grenade, and a rocket in a rocket launcher. When first
trying this, back a Warthog up to a wall. Get on top of the Warthog’s gun (not
manning it). Look at the ground in front of the Warthog. Throw the plasma grenade
in front of the Warthog. Immediately throw the fragmentation grenade directly on
the plasma grenade. Then, immediately shoot the two grenades with the rocket
launcher. You may be hurt in the process. However, you will be propelled high
into the air if done correctly. Note: You can use this trick to get on top of
the cliffs in Blood Gulch.

Different Ending:
Beat the Maw on Legendary to unlock a different ending.

Perfect Sniping Place:
Only useful if on Red Team in CTF. Go to the left of the blue base. there is a
cave at the top, go into it. on your way get the plasma grenades. when a banshee
tries to ram you chuck a plasma grenade at him and they’ll die. Get your sniper
and snipe the enemy.

Easy Win On Oddball:
Get a rocket warthog (black one) and get a passenger and shooter. Get the oddball
and go into the cave by the red teleport location. Go down the cave and get out.
Tell the passenger to get the flamethrower and you get the overshield. Put the
hog in a corner and hide behind it and crouch. Stay there for 5 minutes and you
WIN!!! That was easy. The reason you have a rocket hog is so he can blast
incoming enemies to bits.

Cheats :

Submitted by: Ayush
hello my friends, i will give u cheats of the world’s best game HALO !!!

A Rock That Rocks:
You need to be on Blood Gulch in multiplayer for this one. Get into a warthog, rocket
or regular, and back up against the pointed rock near the red base about 25 yards away
from the cave mouth. make sure the rock overlaps the gunners seat on the back.
Then climb in and out of the gunners turret and you should be inside the rock!

Banshee vs. Tank:
In assault on the control room. You get to drive a tank and blast everything in
sight. But how about taking over a banshee and fly! First after acquiring the tank
proceed to the next canyon where they have their armor support, kill all covenant
except the two hunters down the hill. Go to the other side of the ice pond and get
as close as possible to the hill leading to the hunters without causing to banshee
to launch from the platform above. Fire tank rounds at the platform’s vertical
support keeping the rounds as low as possible-just clearing the top edge of the
platform. Enough well placed rounds will disorient the sentinel. Keep inching the
tank backwards towards the top of the hill to get a better shot
a lucky shot will blast the bansee right off and down to the ground. Just jump on
the bansee and take off! Now you can Fly from section to section!

Ever wonder how to get on top of that pesky cliff that’s just out of reach? First
acquire the rocket launcher then go to the rocky path just before you get to the
two hunters. Decimate all covenant in the area to eliminate interference. Go to
the pointed rock that provides the closet reach to the top of the cliff, climb on
top of the rock and jump towards the cliff at the same time fire the rocket
launcher straight down towards the ground. If done correctly the shock-wave should
propel you upwards onto the cliff. It also helps to have full shields to survive a
couple attempts. The view is assome and not for somebody with vertigo.
Also if you jump off the cliff over a tree you can jump from treetop to treetop.
Have fun

cool sidewinder trick:
in sidewinder, get a hog(anytyoe will do) and drive it through the door next to
the ice pond and keep going till u see a clear hall that opens itno the outside.
park th hog so that it blocks the doorway, perpendicular 2 the wall and get ontop
of the gun, but not in the gunner position. through a plasma under the hood by
richocheing it off the wall and after 3 seconds, shoot a rocket at the front of
the hog. if done correctly, u will be ontop of the map, like invisible floor and
u can shoot onto the ground but they cant shoot u

Drunk Grunt:
On the last level of Halo when you’re in your warthog and driving past where the
pelican crashes, there will be tunnels on either side of the road. The last one
will have a doorway open on the side of it. Go down the door and get out. There
will be a grunt there talking about beer and acting drunk. He will not shoot at
you. There should be a bunch of dead bodies all around him as well.

fly backwards in the rocket warthog!:
this is so that you can fly backwards well still in the warthog and land on all
4 tires again! all you have to do is drive right up in front of a rock go on the
turret and fire away! note:has to be rocket warthog

Get on a cliff on Death Canyon:
(This a little hard, so you might need to do it a few times)
In Death canyon on Multiplayer, in the cave, that red and blue base tunnels are
connected to in a big room, near the center building of the map, ram a M-Gun
warthog into the wall,so it bounces a little bit off the wall, then get on top
of the machine gun, (not in gunner seat) then throw a plasma grenade and right
after that, throw a FRAG grenade, and shoot the Rocket launcher at the gap between
the wall and the warthog and if you did it correctly, you should fly through the
ceiling, and land on top of a little clif overlooking the center.

If nothing works after 15 tries, try throwing a FRAG then a plasma then shoot the RL.

Getting your warthog anywhere:
Since the warthog never dies, try to drive him everywhere. So far, I’ve got it inside
the alleys and the bottomless pit, and I even got it through the hole towards the
middle of the beach level.

Ghost wheely:
when you are driven in a ghost if you press space bar as if u are jumping and you do a

infinite sniper/rocket launcher ammo
when one shot left type in super_shooter_infinite

ok, to do this cheat,when starting up the game, instead of clicking it and starting game,
click the right button on the mouse, and click properties. add to the target -console
giving it a space inbetween the end of what it WAS.then, add,`god 1, (the ` is the
tilde key, located at the top left of the keyboard, above the tab key. press apply.
then press, ok

Killing a Gunner in a Wart:
If you notice there is A player on the other team in the gunners seat in the back of
the warthog, try sneaking up from behind and stay by the side of the vehicle and shoot
them. As they cannot shoot you if they are in that position.

secret song:
In the level Assault On The Control Room, when you get to the land bridge overlooking
the control room, make a mad dash to the banshee, shooting the elite about to go in it
to distract it. Get in it and kill all of the covenant forces in the area because they
get VERY annoying. Fly to the second little bridge-like thing circling the tower. land
going left of the control room. Go right and stop at the edge. DON’T jump onto the drop
off part or you will not be able to get out even if you kill yourself. Now just sit back
and enjoy the piano solo.

STUPID Marines:
After Cap’n Keyes hand u the pistol,u can kill anyone at the bridge(eg,Keyes or Naval
Officers). Then Cortana will get those Marines to kill ya…Spint to the weapon command
centre(Front of the bridge)jump down,duck to the edge at the back(not the FRONT!!or
else u will get killed). When they arrive,one of them will say:”Where did he go?”.No
Matter how u shoot yor gun,they will never find u.

tank glitch:
ok this is complicated so pay attenchin, this is how you get inside the tank without
actually being able to shoot or anything, but if someone else gets in (teamate and it
has to have friendlyfire off) you can go around inside the tank with them soo..

ok so you need to be on blood gultch and have 2 tanks and a warthog, its easier with
two people but can be done with one. ok go to red base and go to the southwest flat
wall of the base. put the front of the hog right up to it. then take two tanks and
squish the hog in between the tanks, now if its snug inbetween the tanks get in the
hog then get out and bam! you inside the tank.

The Best Level For Carnage:
Want a game where you get killed every 10 seconds? Create a game using the level
“Longest” and make sure the only weapons you get are Rocket launchers and Fuel Rod
Guns. Then Make the maximum amount of players 16 if you can, and get lots of people
playing. Make the game mode slayer, and get everyone killing each other in the narrow
corridors… and so absloute carnage breaks out. You won’t be able see the walls they
get absolutely stained in blood and explosions, and its SO fun. Try and get a game in
with me, my names Red Ape. Have fun!!

Three guns in the pillar of autumn:
Towards the beginning of the game, there is a way to bypass the two weapon limit and
carry three weapons at once. On the first level, make your way to the bridge. After
speaking with the captain, quickly run out of the bridge before the chapter name
disappears. If you were fast enough, the checkpoint at the door will not trigger.
Now run to the mess hall and get your Assault Rifle and another weapon. Now, run
back to the bridge and trigger the checkpoint. When you go back towards the mess
hall, the pistol will appear in your hands, and you will be carrying three weapons
instead of two. Each gun reloads and exchanges normally. Note: This only lasts for
the first level.

1-3 shots culd kill a mob of flood!:
To kill a mob of flood on any of the flood lvls, (preferably “The Library”) If a
mob of flood come after you, you can,
(1) Blast the heck out of them with grenades.
(2) Run away like a scared grunt and save ammo
(3) Whack the poop out of them with melee and lose HP
(4) (prefered tip for this) If there is a carrier nearby or in the mob, try to
shoot and burst the bubble and it will explode, thus killing small infectors,
and small combat forms, and then you can mop up the rest that survive.

A recipe for fun!:
Ingredients: a Wraith and a Ghost.

1. Destroy the Wraith; anyway you want, it doesn’t matter.
2. Get into the ghost and ride to the area around the Wraith.
3. Accelerate while heading for any part of the Wraith, except the back, and ride
off the Wraith.
4. If done properly, the Ghost should do flips, rolls and spins.
5. Experiment with different speeds and angles for different effects. One way
can give you more spins, while another can give you more height.
6. HAVE FUN!!!

Serves: However many Ghosts are on the Map.

P.S. Some people don’t know this, but if you hold the spacebar while riding a Ghost
it does wheelie, well not really because it doesn’t have wheels, but you know what
I mean. It looks cool though.

a secret tree for a secret meeting:
This is for death island only and works better if your on blue team. First you go through
the teleporter that has the turret sighn on it. Then go to your right and go to the
tip of the cliff that is located about 50 yards in front of you when you turn right.
Then depending on if you jump how much health you lose so just walk off. Ok when you
walk of and land on the tree you should have about four health left. Then crouch and
go under the first tree branch and stop. When you are still on the cliff you will see
the firs tree sticking up, don’t land in that one it’s the bottom one you want. This
place is great for annoying so have fun.

Annoying shielded jackals:
Too kill those things that hide behind the shield, don’t waste grenades, just jump
over to him, and melee him. If you are fast enough, you won’t take any damage, or u’ll
just get a small injury. If he tries to roll away, shoot him, as he takes time to stand up.

This works best if u eliminated all other enemies.

Assault on Control Room:
when u go on the bridge with the banshee, make a sprint for it, but shoot the elites
trying to get in to it. then, just fly down into the control room and end the level

Awesome Blood Gulch CTF Trick
Okay, so you’ve gotten the hog into the hall of the base, but whenever you get out
to grab the flag, someone kills you. Well, here’s a trick that can help.
Drive a warthog into an enemy’s base at blood gulch. Purposely get killed and grab
another hog. Again, drive it into the base (the side where you put the first hog)
and try to drive it into the center where the flag is. Press E to get out, grab t
he flag, and then immediately press e again to get back into the hog. Drive it
out again,and make a “drive” for it and score.
Tips: No shields is pretty hard to do this, as you will get murdered on your way
in or out. No vehicle respawn will also help, so turn it off first. Make sure no
one sees you, or they will copy and do the exact same trick. Last of all, have fun!

Awesome Snipe Spot in Two Betrayles:
On the level Two Betrayles, after the part where it says Final Run, you will each a
spot where covenant and flood are fighting. There should be two banshees way in the
back and two mortar tanks moving around the area. I suggest getting a ghost and
heading straight for the banshees. Get into one and fly up towards the bridge. For
this part, I suggest you turn your brightness up by 5-in the settings. There will
be a spot on the left which is darker than the rest. Back up into that spot and get
out, but keep moving backward when you are getting out. If done correctly, you
should stay up there and your banshee should go right to the edge. And make sure
you have the sniper when you do this.

Banshee Football:
To have some fun all you need is a banshee and a scorpion tank.

Fly the banshee down in front of the scorpion and get out. get into the scorpion
and drive it towards the bashee. drive into the banshee and it will roll away.
You can also shoot at it with the 1st weapon and it will fly off spinning.

You can play Banshee football in multyplayer mode with 2 scorpions and a banshee.
Or you can practice by shoving the banshee around a map.

Banshee weaknees:
When ur on a banshee, then ur really hard to killed on standard games where u
start out using standard weapons.

But when ur not on a shee, than u better not try to kill it by just using assualt
riffles. Get on a machine gun hog then start shooting at the banshee. With snipers
u aim for the tail of the banshee, but with hog gunners, u aim for the head.
O, if u do play halo than come join my game, it’s always called “anyting” c ya there
Beat hunter easly.
Roadkill is the best. But on foot get close to them on front. If hunter starts to
run at you then move left or right quickly. When he passes you, then turn around
and run at him shooting with automatic rifle. You kill him for sure, cause he
shoves his bare back at you.

Control Room:
In the Assault on the Control room lvl, you go into the 2nd room and there r grunts
up on platforms. To get up there, find the big thing that comes out under the
platform. Jump and hit crouch at the same time, then go to the front of the big
block. Don’t jump and go forward straight away, jump, a second later go straight
and keep tapping jump. Your probably up there but if not then try again.

Blood Gulch:
On one of the bases on the right side it looks like u can ride a banshee right
through the hole even though u cant. What i do is get a fuelrod gun and a sniper
rifle and grenades. then get a banshee and back up to the wall, trying to get on
the surface thats flat up there. talthough u might get blasted down, its pretty cool.

Ok now this stunt is a little hard to do, but tis good for defense. get a hog
(make it a rocket hog) at ur base. there is a ramp rising to the top. drive into
the wall of the hog and little by little tilt up and u will go up. eventually u
will tip over but flip it and imediatly get in the driver and get up there(or u
could always do it with grendes…). put the back end over looking ur flag and t
hats ur defense.

This one is easy. just get stuff u want like grendes, rockets, fuel rods, sniper
rifle, and other stuff if u want. get a banshee up near the top of the wall when
u see a flat place ( or u could always do it on top of ur logo on the wall but
ull be killed easily. i thnk u can opnly do it on the mountains at the red base,
u could do this in blood gulch too!

I might add some more later, you never know, and good luck…btw, Death Grip
is my name in Halo PC ok c yall

Different Ending:
Beat the Maw on Legendary to unlock a different ending.

ON ASsaULT THE CONtrol room as soon as you come up to the first brige look at
the grunt on the left. Jump over him making sure you are on the very edge of
the cliff you land on a little platform if you look over the edge there is
another platform jump to it wait until your shield is charged then jump straight
down and you are down the bottom note: this might take some practice

Easy CTF on Blood Gulch:
OK Halo gamers,heres a little cheat for CTF on Blood Gultch. The first thing u
need to do is for u and 1 teammate to get in a hog(not the rocket hog the machine
gun hog).Then make your way to the enemies base in a stealthy way.
WARNING do not circle the enemy base. That will make more attention to yourself.
Then once you get there go in through the back entrance. As soon as you get in the
base dont get out, turn to the left and go to the wall. Then back up all the way
to the other wall, and imediantly turn your mouse or joystick to the right, until
your hogs front bumpe is heading to the ceter part of the base. Then go as fast as
you can to the right side of the flag(just enough so you can barely see it). Then
as fast as you can jump ut and back in. Then go through the left exit in the enter
of the enemy base and make your way out. The reason you have a gunner n you is
because if there are enemies the see you he or she can easily kill them.
NOTE It is not wise to do this on game with rocket launchers. Have Fun everybody.

Easy CTF win at blood gultch:

Ok so you take a warthog and drive over to other teams base (just skip all the
people) and then jump out just before you hit there front entrance to there base
rush in take flag rush out same way you came in drive like hell.

This might need some practice to do so you might not get it the first time but it
works great.

Tip it makes it alot easier if you have a gunner to help keep the guys off your
warthog and off you.

So if you can do this super fast you can beat a CTF withing 5 minutes or if you
dont want to finish that fast just get 1 or 2 flags then have some fun then at
end do the same thing

Tip About the 2nd or 3rd time they might realize what your doing and kinda know
how to stop you so be carfull (if your playing noobs this will be a snap)

easy hunter kill when spoted by one
When you get spotted by a hunter the hunter will completely guard itself with
that huge shield except for its head so use your pistol, zoom in and take out
the hunter.This will take some time but its done within long range so its worth

Easy Hunter Kills:
Ok, to kill the hunters you have two choices. To kill them in one shot crouch
behind a nearby rock or cover and zoom in with your pistol. They dont move
around very much but once in a while they will stand up straight exposing a
triangle of soft, orange, flesh on their back. Hit this and they die instantly.
The other way is to sneak up on them undetected and physical them so they charge
you. Jump backwards so they miss and fire at their exposed underbelly with your
assault rifle. This will also take them out.

Easy hunter kills:
a pistol works best with this cheat
when you see a hunter (or two) go near it and it should charge at you.when it
charges, run back.it’ll lift its arms up in the air.when it does this, shoot
it in the belly and if you have a pistol or shotgun, it almost allways kills
the hunter with one hit.

NOTE:you have to do this move quickly because after it lifts its arms up in
the air,it’ll swing them down again and cover up his belly with his arm-shield.
hope it helps!

Easy kill:
in the level ‘Keyes’, at the end when you notice that capt.keyes is dead, wait
until the flood come, then go to the exit door and make the covenent come in,
this will cause a battle between the flood and covenent. then wait until they
are both dead and move on.

Easy kill on gold elite:
in the silent cartograper level drive your warthog through the passageway in
the first builing until you get to the locked door. park your warthog here
with a GUNNER IN THE BACK and preferably a passenger. once you open the door
in the other building the gunners will kill the gold elite with the beam sword
and you will see them shooting in the cutscene. the warthog also takes out a
lot of grunts when you first drive it down there. =)

Easy kills on assault on the control room:
On the level ‘assault on the control room’ there are rooms with covenent,
usually with an inner and outer area. right at the beggining after you go inside
theres a door and an elite will be pacing back and forth. wait until he walks
this way (< while opening the door and going back to see him. when he goes this way (>go after him and stay behind. wait when hes in the middle of the doorway
then go after him. hit him in the back to kill him instantly. then kill all the
covenent you can without being spotted.

Easy kills on multiplayer:
This only works on the multiplayer map Sidewinder. You must have a team of at
least two people. Have one person gather a lot of weapons (sniper and rocket
launcher are best) have that person get into a ghost. Have the other person
get into a tank. Drive the tank up that incline near the warp and park it
backwards into the crevasse beside the warp so that it is completely blocking
the entrance to it. Next, drive the ghost up the incline and park it so that
its back is to the edge of the cliff and it is facing the tank. Then have both
drivers drive toward each other. The ghost will ramp off the tank and go behond
the map graphics. It looks totally white and you can see the curve of the ring
of halo in the distance. Then the ghost rider can exit the ghost and use the
sniper rifle to kill people from off the map. Use the ghost for transportation
around the map. You will be able to see the other players but they will not be
able to see you. When you run out of ammo or want to get back, simply drive or
jump back onto the map.

Easy kills with warthog in any mode!!!
If your driving a warthog players or aliens jump out the way but if you have
skills you can still kill them.

When they jump out the way slide in their direction and

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