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Hammerting Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

General Tips:
Written by Liakoyras87.

Here are some general tips (in no particular order):

* The Cave Missions the game offers in the top left are a great way to set
goals in order to know what to do next at the start of the game.

* The currency that limits your expansion in terms of technology is Mountain Lore.
You use it to unlock research, that in turn allows you to unlock buildings,
crafting recipes, infrastructure and global improvements like Sovereignety.

* You gain it by exploring the caves, so make sure you always send someone to
explore newly available places.

* Another important resource are of course Coins. Coin is kept in the Mountainhoard.
You gain money by trading in the overworld and you need it to recruit dwarves and
satisfy their greed.

* There are many items with different names but the exact same functionality.
For example, fancy-looking Vendarii Lumber is exactly the same as old Reclaimed
Lumber when you want to build a Room. However, items crafted with different
materials will have different value when trading.

* Idle Dwarves are bad! Make sure they always have something to do.

* Your dwarves can’t be ordered directly to do a specific job in general, apart
from movements and attacks.

* This in turn means that the only way to pick up items from the floor is either
by having them be used in a recipe, or via the hauling job
(which is low priority by default).
So stop right clicking furiously like I did!

* The game is vertical so make sure dwarves always have a way to get up/down to
a place. They have pretty long reach and can climb quite tall vertical spaces

* You can hold shift to place multiple of the same building.
This is very useful for bridges and scaffolding.

* Mining terrain yields resources. There is a certain probability each dirt/
granite tile will drop resources, and could also probably reveal an ore vein
behind. You can see this chance by holding ctrl over a block.

* The Maintain order button is very useful as to always have a supply of food,
drinks, seeds building materials and everything else.

* Some buildings (like the Foundry and Smithy) require fuel, so you should have
a stock of fuel ready for them to be refuelled. In the early game, the only
source of fuel is Coal.

* Be careful when you build something on top of a vein of ore! Any mineable blocks
(terrain and ores) that are in the way of the building will be assigned to be
mined but, if the building finishes first the will simply disappear. You can
chose to first mine out the area if you want the resources or to just let the
building be built quickly, ignoring the mining.

* Monsters can spawn in unlit areas, so make sure you light up the areas
surrounding your base.

* If you come accross a spawner like Bleeding Atrium, it might be a good idea
to not destroy it outright but build a gate to the path from it to your base,
allowing it to hold until you send the dwarves to farm the monsters.

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