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Hapland Cheats


Submitted by: conner54

Open both windows and turn the arrow sign. Open the hatch and make the
stick man pop out. Fire the first rock at bridge. Fire the second rock
at bell. Fire both grenades at the bridge, and as it hovers over bridge,
click on it. This will make the grenades pop into the air and explode.
Fire the keycard at the bridge to make the stick man underneath open
the door. Put the man into the cannon by clicking on him again and make
another man pop out of the hatch. Have him fire the man in cannon up
under the bell, but you must click on the spear to bend it slightly so
that the stick man wont get speared. Click on the man under the bell
to move the bell tower. Click the bell a few times to drop on spear,
flinging rock onto mine blowing it up. Then, click on the door to make
a man come out. He will walk past where the mine blew up. Just as he
is about to enter the door, click on the man on the bottom.
Note: This requires precise timing.

Ok, to begin. First click on the grey slab directly above the yellow arrow.
This opens the hatch where the people you control come from. Secondly click
the yellow arrow to command your first stickman. He’ll walk up to the steps
to the lever, which is next to a cannon shaped device. Click the stickman
next to the cannon to fire the first stone downwards so it knocks over the
blank of wood, forming a bridge over the gap.

Now, open the window on the left, by clicking on it. Also click on the red
arrow, to switch it’s direction so it is pointing to the right. Click on
the cannon so it is pointing upwards. Click the stickman next to the cannon
again to fire the second stone that should ring the bell. Because you opened
the window, the door on the left opens. Note that the stone now rests on the
spike which makes it unable to be moved.

The next action requires the first bit of timing. Click the cannon so it is
facing downwards. Click the cannon but get ready to click the blank of wood
so it jumps upwards slightly. As soon as you launch the rock you must be
ready to click the plank. You have to time it so the blank of wood knocks
the “stone” in mid-air. Kaboom. That ain’t no stone mister, that’s a bomb.
Repeat this action for the second bomb.

Fire the last stone downwards and if by magic it lands in the cave. The
little stickman here picks up the stone and uses it on the metal/grey post.
It’s a keycard and the post reclines into the ground above leaving the
stickman free!

Click on the stickman next to the cannon. Because there are no stones left
the steps move up and tip him into the cannon. Click the yellow arrow, again
to acquire another stickman. Click the cannon so it’s positioning to fire
upwards. This next part requires some more timing. Click the stickman next
to the cannon to fire the other poor stickman up into the air. Just before
the super-stickman is about to be impailed, click the spike so it flexes
and allows him safe passage over. Click on this guy now and he pushes the
bell tower over to the right. Click on the bell three times so it falls
onto the spike. This projects the stone onto the mine below allowing safe
passage for the guy in the house on the left.

Now the mine is out of the way you can click on the door, which is on the
left of the screen. Another stickman appears. He checks the arrow and moves
in the direction it states (to the right). He walks across the plank of
wood, past where the mine was and into the open door. When the door closes
the flame outside the house, the light inside the house and the first flame
on the portal are all lit.
Now you’re onto the last stage. This is all about timing. Ok? Ready?

Click the stickman who’s at the bottom of the screen (the one who was in the
cave). When you do this a razor-creature-thing falls from the hazard crate
on the right. Just before the creature touches the ground, open the window
where the stickman has just turned the light on. If you time it correctly,
as the stickman closes the window the rocks below are nudged and fall onto
the razor-creature-thing. The stickman is then free to walk into the cave,
lighting the second flame and opening the portal!

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