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Hardwar Cheats


Cheat Codes:
At the Game Launch screen. Go into Controls & then Buttons on
the joystick controller (Joystick only!)

Select a button and change its function to “God Hanger”. When
this button is pressed, you will be instantly transported to
a hanger in which you can kit your Moth with weapons, software
and increase your cash to whatever you need.

Note: You will be targeted as soon as you resume the game.

Swallow Moth:
The Swallow Moth cannot be purchased — it must be found. There
are empty Swallows at Highrise Construction (Highrise), Riverside
Construction (Riverside), Waterfront Booze (Riverside) and Alpha
Construction (Alpha).
Note: Swallows only appear in v2.01 and higher of the game.

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