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Hardware Engineers Cheats

Hardware Engineers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Repair Cheat-Sheet:
BEEP Codes:

* Small Beep (Beep!): Motherboard Issue [Uncommon]
* 3 Small Beeps (Beep Beep Beep!): Power Supply issue [Common]
* 4 Long Beeps (BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEP): Processor issue [Rare]
* 1 Long and 2 Small Beeps (BEEEP Beep Beep!): Memory Issue [Rare]

* Random Colored boxes while running: Graphics Card Issue [Rare]
* No operating system found: Hard drive issue or there is no OS on it.
Customer can also say that its a hard drive failure. [Uncommon]
* Black Screen (Silence): Power Supply issue [Rare]
(You are more likely to have 3 small beeps than a black screen.)

-=Immune Devices=-
* Optical Drive
* Fan
* Cooling
* Disk
* USB Stick
* Case

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