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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Cheats

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to catch a fish:
Written by TCJaime

Once you have the bobber in the water with fish swimming around it,
you must now wait for a fish to bite.

Do not do anything until you see an “!” and the bobber is completely submerge.

You will see fish swimming around your bobber, and even under your bobber. They will nibble
on the bait causing the bobber to bounce up and down. Once a fish starts nibbling on the bait,
pay attention. A smart fish might change it’s mind and swim away, but most fish are getting
ready to chomp.

Once you see the “!”, it means the fish is hooked and you need to hit the action button
repeatedly (and quickly) to reel the fish in. And voila, you’ve caught a fish!!

Thank you for reading my guide and happy fishing!!

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